Saturday , September 18 2021

Azar Aswan is named the best physical education teacher in the Arab world (photos)

Fadila Ahmed Abdel Hamid, President of the Aswan Azarian Region, today, in the hall of Imam Metweli al-Sharawi, physical education teacher in a girls’ high school, Jasmin Hashem, winner of the first place in the competition for the best physical education teacher in the Arab world, presented by Al-Azar Al-Sharif in the second edition of the Conference of Arab Women, which was attended by more than 2,000 physical education teachers from 11 Arab countries.

Sheikh Ahmed Abdel Hamid confirmed that the region is interested in this honor to encourage and motivate prominent and talented teachers and students to stand out, differentiate and create, based on the honorary sponsorship of Al-Ahar under the leadership of the Grand Imam, Sheikh Azar, for innovators and prominent people in all fields. Teachers and students.

In honor of the best physical education teacher, Abdul Hamid presented the Noble Qur’an, a confirmation of gratitude and a shield for the care of students.

While Mohamed Munir, director of the Department of Student Welfare, presented an honorary shield, Maher Orabi, the first physical education instructor, presented a shield of honor and gratitude, and the Department of Physical Education in the region presented a shield of honor and gratitude, culminating her victory in the competition.

The ceremony was attended by Sheikh Hamdi Mohammed, Director of Secondary Education, Sheikh Rabi`, Sheikh of the Institute of High School for Girls, next to the Director of Education Administration in Aswan and a number of sheikhs, teachers and students of the institutes.

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