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A medical seminar informs Benha to eliminate the virus

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Quoting the page on the seventh day, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

The Information, Education and Training Center in Nile (BINHA), associated with the State Information Service (SIS), in cooperation with the Health Directorate in Qalioubia, organized an educational seminar devoted to the achievements and challenges of the Presidential Initiative for eliminating the C virus, under the patronage of dr. Alai Abdel Halima.

Dr Ramadan Arafa, director of the Nile Center for Media, confirmed that we have only 14 days to the end and a national campaign to eliminate the C virus in Qalioubia on November 30 and discuss the educational seminar with the youth of the University tomorrow, to achieve the most important challenges facing us in the next two weeks, when the detection and analysis of 2 million for 75% of the target and still have 900,000 goals in this national campaign, have not been analyzed.

He added that Nile Media Center is co-ordinating with all government and private bodies to accelerate the end of the mission to achieve the goal because there is a chance to convince citizens to calm their health and protect their homeland from this terrible virus that has destroyed the liver of the Egyptians.

Dr Hamdy Al-Tabah, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of Health in Qalioubia, MP Jamal Kush, member of the House of Representatives and Dr. Yasser Abdul Rahman, associate dean of the Department of Special Education in social service and environmental development will take part in the seminar.

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