Monday , October 25 2021

4 parties establish club "civil-democratic parties": strengthening the partisan life


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Conservative parties, the Union, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and the Reform and Development Party have announced the creation of the Democratic Party Club, which in a press statement stated that the club's goal is to strengthen the life of guerrillas and attempt to foreclose.

The party's press release said that he was aware of the need to quickly create the foundations of a modern civil state, whose main pillars are pluralistic democracy and good constitutional management, and hence – to strengthen the non-artificial parties of truth. The state is what happened between Egypt and the current trend of modernity, stopping it from modernity and blocking its modernity, leaving it for decades to live in its growing crises.

"For this reason, the parties have agreed to set up a Democratic Citizens' Party (CDP) whose mission is to strengthen the multi-party party life and work to strengthen the party's position as the only way to activate the constitution and achieve political democracy."

He added that one of the aims of the club is to counteract all attempts to seek back, exclude or circumvent and return to the dominant party system by state institutions, and to make democracy a way of life and respect for the constitution, instinct for citizens and state institutions, freedom of speech and criticism, Strengthening the values ​​of democracy and developing them so that they become a way of life for citizens, the foundations and philosophy of national institution management systems, and the emphasis on freedom of opinion and views, and the right to organize peaceful meetings and demonstrations

The statement underlined the need to create a cultural and social movement to develop the moral, economic and humanitarian values ​​of society in order to create an enlightened public opinion capable of protecting and monitoring state institutions.

At the end of the statement, the parties committed themselves to strive to achieve a comprehensive vision of reforms and the development process through dialogue between the parties and club members and between all political and guerrilla forces, and between them and the relevant state institutions.

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