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Zeman: The prominent will split next year from protesters at the castle castle

The castle's protection is created next year, before granting the state honors in the Prague Castle, a logarithm that will pass the prizes. President Milos Zeman wants to separate from the protesters. He said this to Barrandov today. This year, on October 28, about 30 people stood in front of the castle, and the honors shouted "shame" at the award ceremony.

The president also condemned activists who were throwing a bouquet of flowers on Saturday, November 17th, in a bouquet that some politicians asked at the National Triple Monument.

The trash was finished with Zeeman, Prime Minister Andrew Babis (YOA) or head of the SPD Movement Tomia Okamura. "If there are such excesses that throw flowers into a basket, it is already bordering on fascism," said Zeman.

According to police, activists committed violations of property and civic coexistence by throwing flowers. The police suspect that a man and a woman have gone through the Prague 1 case.

Zeman said today that the calling of the participants of the gala night in the 28th Vladislav Hall was particularly offensive because the relatives of the soldiers who fell into Afghanistan came to the ceremony. "And because I was supposed to fight for democracy, I decided that next time will be the Garda of the castle." The guard of the castle gives honor to those who are honored and their relatives, "the president said.

The protesters, whom he described as fascist mobsters, would be pushed elsewhere.

The people who demonstrated this year's awards were carrying banners with the inscriptions "Invasion is Now", "Let's Keep You" or "Masarik Trust the Republic in the World, Bury It", for example, Zeman, Babis or Okamur.

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