Sunday , January 24 2021

Zeman appoints Blatne as minister. Primula has an analysis that he did nothing

President Milos Zeman will appoint a new Minister of Health, Jan Blatni, on Thursday at 12 o’clock. This was announced by his spokesman after the reception of President Blatney in Lani on Tuesday. The ceremony will be held without media only in the presence of Prime Minister Andrej Babic (YES), said Jiri Ovcasek, a spokesman for the president.

A spokesman did not say when the president would remove incumbent Roman Primula (for YES). Primula announced on Sunday that he would resign when his successor is known. We find out the reaction of Minister Primula to the announcement of the Castle.

The current health minister was called upon to resign by Prime Minister Andrej Babic after Blesk posted photos of Primula and Faltanka last Friday leaving a restaurant in Viejhrad, which was due to close at the time, after a night meeting. At the same time, the minister boarded the unveiled limousine. Babic said that if Primula does not resign, he will recall him.

The outgoing minister claims from the beginning that he is not aware that he has made mistakes. He only described as a mistake that he entered the car without a veil. However, he allegedly put it on immediately after landing. That he acted in accordance with Vieherad’s measures should be confirmed by the legal analysis he processed. He has not yet introduced it to reporters, he only mentioned it on Tuesday after the government meeting.

His behavior was analyzed from Wednesday night to Thursday, when photographers captured him. “So far no mistakes seem to have been made,” he said. However, he admits that he made a political mistake when he arrived at a meeting with the deputy head of the DA, Jaroslav Faltenek. “Even if nothing happened, it was very much abused and in that sense I feel guilty, not really,” he said.

He has not yet said how he intends to use the analysis in his defense.

Primula has already accepted the Prime Minister’s offer to be part of the expert team after the end of the ministerial chair. “I feel good in that team, I do not want to be in an official position,” he told reporters. According to him, the team will recommend adjusting government measures.

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