Thursday , January 21 2021

With Berber et al. started a Zen ethics committee. He will not touch you

In relation to the cases that are the subject of criminal proceedings for issues affected by certain matches organized by the Football Association R and embezzlement of property of the regional football association in Pilsen, the ethics commission initiates disciplinary proceedings against 17 individuals against whom the criminal association filed.

Police recently charged twenty people with unfair activity, some of whom are not members of the association. Therefore, the ethics committee can not begin to discipline women with them. He is a former footballer and function of Michal Knek, who remains in custody.

There are no members of the association, but the police tattoo them, so do Martinov Pcha and Svoboda. Last year, Pcha worked as a manager in the Tetolig area in the Lithuanian region.

This is how the Ethics Committee started the woman with Berber and Roman Rogoz, Viherad’s sports director. Both are connected.

According to the origin of decisions from performance and professional football.

In addition, other related disciplinary proceedings may be instituted in the near future, namely with some persons with whom no criminal proceedings have been instituted but disciplinary liability may be imported, the ethics committee said.

Police raided in mid-June, and the ethics committee’s decision to launch the operation is needed to obtain credible evidence of what is happening. Hence the delay of several weeks.

At the same time, the ethics committee launched the disciplinary Zen Peruila. It continues as a standard, in accordance with the applicable disciplinary procedures and the current decision-making practice of the disciplinary bodies.

In other words, he must repent of those guilty of a police investigation or a court ruling.

Berber brought her a number of decisions, the delegate and the function were taken into custody for unfair practices, such as the affected race, especially the Prague Vierad pedal track, and missed the third season, respectively. kind of league.

Following his arrest, Berber resigned from his position in the movement, he was vice-president of the association, a member of the executive committee and a member of the Pilsen regional association.

The case was taken over by a decision commission headed by Jozef Covanec, which was dismissed by the executive board of the association. The reason was that a barrel from the list of professional matches was included in the scandal.

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