Thursday , November 26 2020

We renewed the team, there is a great group in the cabin, said Olomouc coach Latal

Ludek Perina, KTK

“We have three points and we are happy for them. It is big there, however …! I have to praise Carvina for the great performance she has shown here. We did not enter the match well. We had problems in the transition phase, where we lost a lot of balls unnecessarily and thus offered a chance to an opponent who easily entered them. Happy first goal helped us and calmed the second. “Then we finished it in peace,” said Hanak coach Radoslav Latal.

Sigma’s performance did not meet his expectations. “But the big positive is that we can already manage matches like this, while last season we lost or drew them. I have to admit that he is often lucky, but the team wants to work. “A great group has been formed here and we are continuing with it,” said Olomouc coach.

He also admitted that the team led the match even though the injured veteran Roman Hubnik was absent from the team for the first time. “He was hit by muscle problems. It was a hit. “We know what it means to us, but Vinja Benes, who replaced him, is very experienced and has managed it.”

“We tried to rebuild the team, to change the cabin and it bore fruit. We have 17 points, plus five, and no one will take that away from us. We do not expect other difficult matches, but we can go to them in peace. “In addition, the team’s self-confidence is growing with each success and the players will be able to afford it more and more on the pitch.”

Gross mistakes and praise for Mandous. We did not deserve to lose three

On the other hand, Karvina’s helmsman Juraj Jarabek was disappointed. “We did not deserve to lose by three goals. But we practically caused it ourselves. We got an own goal, then a second by unsuccessful standard. We did not let Sigma in the chances, but the rough mistakes did not cost a better result. Nor were we effective, we had destroyed three tobacco from the great Mandous. “while the home was efficient,” knew coach Carvina.

Karvina’s coach Juraj Jarabek during the Fortuna League match in Olomouc.

Ludek Perina, KTK

However, he did not scold goalkeeper Neumann for his fatal rudeness. “He is young. It can happen to him. Growe grows with such errors. Plus, it came early, so we had plenty of time to do something about it. The breakthrough was standard in the 73rd minute, after which we collected 2: 0. We can not get such goals. This happened for the second time in a row. We would still be alive and Olomouk would be increasingly concerned about the outcome. “However, he released that target,” Jarabek knew.

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