Saturday , August 15 2020

To Zofin behind Goth from Zborovska Street across Legija Bridge

“Start a front that will pull Smchchov's side to the Legion Bridge. People cross this bridge and turn to the Slavic Island at the National Theater. They cross the bridge to the island where they pass through the park. They then enter the building and walk down the stairs to the large hall, where the remains of the casket will be exposed. There will be wreaths of Goth children, who bid farewell to Hoffan or to the cathedral of St. Witt will not participate, "said one of the organizers of the Right.

"They will go to a small hall where compassion books will be available. The road from the island will lead through the back, past playgrounds to the mainland by the stairs leading to the Manes Gallery, "he added.

Line up to 5.5 km

Organizers estimate that the queue can be up to 5.5km, along the route will be provided portable toilets.

When the Cabinet of Government and Family, Hofan, the Prague City Hall, and the Czech police, who co-ordinate the farewell, decided on this way of entering the palace, it was clear that the expected 100,000 people would come, and even more. not all.

"They will bring the body of the deceased at six o'clock in the morning. The coffin will be displayed in a large hall, surrounded by wreaths, flowers and photographs, as was the case with Waldemar Matushka. The first people will be admitted to the gym at 8am. The hall will be closed at 10 pm. Even with the subsequent carriage of the body, we cannot say goodbye, "the source said.

"If people progress at a natural pace, Karel Gott will be able to pay them fifty thousand," he told Law. There is huge interest in people and other events happening at the same time and they are a big scarecrow for the organizers and the police. All parties involved agreed on the course and provided security at the main meeting on Monday afternoon. However, no one dares to estimate how many people will take to the streets of Prague on Friday 11 October.

The signal is not output

In addition to saying goodbye to the legendary singer, it is also hosting an increasingly popular signal festival, drawing hundreds of thousands of people to the streets of Prague in the dark. The festival does not go out, but gives the master a minute of silence.

"Mrs Gott and festivalgoers were confronted with a public farewell to the late Karel Gott in Hofan Palace on Friday and part of the Signal Festival in the form of a light installation at 7pm. So they agreed that both events would take place, with mutual understanding, respect and respect. Karel Gott would not want to disrupt a cultural event, "said Jelena Novotny, a festival spokeswoman.

What about English fans?

She added that on Saturday, October 12th, the day of national mourning, the "Signal Festival" will honor Karel Gott's memory with a minute of silence at 19:00 in Carlin Square in Prague.

Also on Friday night there will be a qualifying soccer match for our players to advance to the European Championship with England. Although playing in One, Prague, there is danger in the center of Prague. Friday night is the deadliest time for England's national team matches in cities that are popular with English fans. Thanks to its cheap and good beer and rich nightlife, Prague is such a city.

According to English police officer Mark Roberts, who previously asked the European UEFA not to play the game on Friday night, there will be 3,731 fans in the stands and another 2,500 in the center, reports The Guardian.

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