Wednesday , October 27 2021

This is called Revolution! Electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire in serial form


Harley-Davidson presented the idea of ​​a LiveWire motor with electric drive in 2014, and then without discussion it became the biggest one-time surprise of the season. The American manufacturer of traditional two-cylinder forks was among the pioneers.
The original LiveWire project was definitely adopted and was positively received because its design practically did not refer to conventional brand models. Harley-Davidson used this engine to get feedback from potential customers. In 2014 and 2015, they were able to test it in the LiveWire Experience project in North America and Europe.

Harley-Davidson worked quietly on the development of a clean engine motorcycle in the coming years, and from time to time there was unofficial information about the launch of the serial model. The brand itself confirmed this summer when it introduced its new Harley-Davidson road map in July.
As part of this strategy, Harley-Davidson will introduce the first electric motorcycle with a LiveWire interface to the markets of North America and Europe in 2019. However, in its form the model has already been introduced to EICMA 2018, although there are no more detailed technical information. specifications that we should publish in January 2019.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire, in the form of serial production, at first glance, looks like it differs from the original concept only with colored design, but in reality it retains only the main lines of its concept and appearance, and virtually everything is new to it.
The conversion was achieved thanks to the frame and lid of the battery as well as an electric motor with a permanent magnet located in the lower part of the frame and a rotating rear wheel through the toothed belt. Harley-Davidson, for now, only exchanges charging information.
The bike will be equipped with a built-in charger and can be recharged from most popular sockets. In addition to this solution, it is also possible to use more efficient charging stations using SAE J1772 North American Connector (USA) or International Connector CCS2 – IEC Type 2 connectors.

In addition to repairs and changes in the drive area, LiveWire for serial production from the original concept also differs in the case of Showa chassis components with Showa suspension and Brembo braking system. The project was also renovated when the main spotlight added a decent mask, and the original one-man concept turned into a two-seater armchair.
Harley-Davidson LiveWire becomes the first of a wide range of electric machines of its brand without a rotating clutch, which will offer its riders seven modes of operation. Harley-Davidson also emphasizes in official materials the tuning of the transmission between the engine and the drive belt for captivating sound, whose height and intensity are gradually increasing.
According to previous Harley-Davidson reports from the summer of this year, other models will be introduced to LiveWire, and by 2022, electric bicycles of lesser weight and power will be available, offering new driving experiences and attracting new drivers.

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