Wednesday , January 20 2021

There will be protests again in the center of Prague. The government is not destroying us, say the organizers

Not only commemorative events for the 102nd anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia will be held on Wednesday. There will also be protests in central Prague against government regulations on covid-19 protection.

The 11:55 a.m. event, entitled “Demonstration of Freedom and Truth, Condemning Terror and Manipulation” in Republic Square next to the Municipal House, provided for restrictions by Prague City Hall under government regulations. However, the organizers admit that they can not guarantee that more than a hundred people will come to the demonstration.

More than 600 people signed up to take part in the event by Tuesday afternoon on Facebook alone. About 2,700 people showed non-binding interest in the event.

“We do not know how many people will come, we will certainly not disperse them,” economist Ludk Tesash, one of the event’s main organizers, told the report.

This public finance expert, who in the past advised Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSD) at the Ministry of Finance and headed the Cabinet department for several years, is a staunch opponent of government action against the spread of the coronavirus. While he was signing an online petition calling for participation in the demonstration, his brother David Carpenter reported the case to the authorities.

In a decision on the meeting, the Prague City Hall stressed that the organizers must ensure compliance with the prescribed restrictions. In addition to the number of participants up to one hundred people, they should also limit the space for groups of twenty people and ensure that there is at least two meters of distance between the groups. Protesters must have their noses and mouths covered.

“We will do our best to maintain hygiene, we want to keep the prescribed distance and have veils. “But we can not train some units with people like in Spartakiad,” said Ludk Tesas. While accusing the municipality of wanting to stop the demonstrations, the Prague police leadership reportedly responded more favorably to their announcement.

According to Tesas, people have the right to express disagreement with the actions of the government of Prime Minister Andrej Babic. “The government has not shown that its measures really work against the crust, but it has demonstratively destroyed the economy drastically. “We want to restore normal life in the country,” the organizer said.

What happens on October 28 in Prague

11:55 – A gathering of critics of the government measures against the spread of the coronavirus, called Demonstration for Freedom and Truth, condemning terror and manipulation. Location: Republic Square, next to the Old Customs House.

12:00 – “March for Freedom”. Regarding government measures against the coronavirus, the municipality has restricted the maintenance of the Old Town Square.

12:00 – Public Assembly calls for handing over the requests of the citizens of the Czech Republic to the government of Andrej Babic, initiating dialogue and hearings in the Chamber of Deputies. Place: Clarov.

14:00 – Celebration of the recession called Celebrating with Milos! The Chinese delegation will award the Order of the Great Red Bacillus to President Milos Zeman. Location: Old Town Square.

14:22 – Singer Dan Holka wants to return the Medal of Merit to President Milos Zeman. At 14:22 he will leave Vjeherad on foot to the Castle, he will post the event via the Internet on his Facebook.

18:00 – Wreath laying on the occasion of the anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Organized by Charles University. Place: Republic Square (municipal house, monument on the corner of the house closer to the Dust Gate).

20:00 – President Milos Zeman will present a state award. The list of awarded castles will be published on its website. The ceremony will not take place. At 20:05 Zeman will give a speech broadcast by various media.

He pointed out that these are different organizers from those who organized a demonstration on October 18 in the old town square, which the police have already dispersed due to the rage of football fans. of covid. But we believe in common sense. “The measures taken by Babic’s government endanger the common man.”

In addition to this event, other opponents of the coronavirus measures will meet on Wednesday afternoon in Clarov, Prague. The event was convened by Jiri Chernohorsky of Brno, who is described as a pro-Russian activist. The participants initially wanted to go to the nearby government headquarters at the Straka Academy and hand over the government’s demands in order to “initiate dialogue, hearings in the Chamber of Deputies”. However, the authorities in Prague banned the parade.

The next procession was to start at noon from the square in the Old Town and walk through Letna to Hrajanche Square. The event, reported by another activist and former TV Nova reporter, Jana Peterkova, known for her loud megaphone protests, for example in front of the Ministry of Health, but limited the municipality to Old Town Square.

Not all activities will be completely serious. For example, a recession rally against President Milos Zeman is being held this afternoon. At the end of the meeting, the organizer Michael Swatos literally said: “We celebrate with Milos! Celebrating the recession. The Chinese delegation will award Milos the Order of the Great Red Bacillus. “The people will demand good government.”

All reported events will be monitored by police officers. “We believe in the peaceful course of the protests,” Ian Dunk, a Prague police spokesman, told KTK. Police officers will also co-operate with city police officers, and municipal officers will also come to monitor the events.

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