Wednesday , January 20 2021

The walk bites well in the UFC. Plus a major match!

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“The opponent is very good, he is basically number one when I miss the title holder Blahovic. Now he has two defeats in a row, but this does not mean anything. In the first match he lost controversially and close to points with ones. In the second match I do not know if Reyes did not have a match, but definitely two defeats in a row have no telling value, and Reyes can feel much better mentally for the match with Jiri and he will have to be even better prepared than for the match with Blahovic. “, Commented the coach and manager of Prohaska, Martin Karaivanov.

Ahead of the September title fight between Blahovic and Reyes, Karaivanov said: “If they are far away, will it be a duel of equal opponents.” “The main thing for us is to find out how the absolute peak works.”

Dominic Reyes.

Facebook: Dominic “The Devastator” Reyes

It is now clear that Prochaska will also see the measurement. The 30-year-old American lost the last two battles, but always lost the title. He was defeated by Blahovic and wrestling star Jonon Onions. He had not lost twelve times before.

“As a given goal, he is getting better now. After a period of waiting and uncertainty after the first match in the UFC, now there is a clear goal that we can focus on. Reyes is a great fighter and it is an honor for us to fight him and move on. The perfect work of Karach (Martin Karaivanov) for negotiations with the matchmakers Jiri will be over! Victory! “, Coach Jaroslav Hovвak is excited about the duel.

Pieces of happiness. Jiri Proчаaska toasted after returning from his winning debut in the UFC in a unique way

The walk has a duel in the UFC, in which he delighted the fans. He knocked down Volkan Ozdirir in the first minute of the second round. Now the fighter from Brno etsetsam High School is fifth in the ranking in the light heavyweight category, the American is second.

“I just want to transfer my action to a cage. “That’s what I want people to see, I’m coughing up shit for fame,” Procaska, 28, said after the UFC premiere.

I cough shit for the best fighter. Praise is not needed, life is enjoyment, says Prohazka

His debut came out and he was impressed. Now here is the next step. “Will we prepare, for us it is a huge challenge and an opportunity for another jump in the rankings and the road to the title in a dream,” Karaivanov added.

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