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The triptychs of the famous aerodynamic alpha at auction can cost up to half a billion

The Alfa Romeo Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica (BAT) trio of concepts is one of the most famous concepts of all time. For a long time, they all traveled the world together.

On Wednesday, October 28, the entire triptych is the star of the Sotheby’s Modern Art Auction in New York.

“NDT” modeled by Franco Scalion in the service of the Bertone body in 1953, 1954 and 1955 are one of the most important creations of automotive design. The BAT 5, 7 and 9 sculptures were the stars of the Turin Motor Show.


According to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia

Triptych (from Greek τρίπτυχον, triple) is a designation of a work of art divided into three parts. It is a kind of polyptych, a mark for works divided into several parts. As a triptych, altar pieces were often made, where the middle part was dominant and firmly installed, while the outer parts were movable and could eventually cover the middle part. It belongs to the painting board, made of panels of material.

The aerodynamically shaped bodies mounted on the mechanical base of the Alfa Romeo 1900 were created as a work of art from the beginning. Experts point out the radical elements of design with a touch of science fiction. They are considered the most important concepts of the 20th century.

The carmaker itself did not interfere in the creation of concepts, he was closest to the design of the last of them, BAT 9.

The four-cylinder with 90 horsepower combined with a five-speed manual transmission drove the BAT 5 to two hundred kilometers per hour. This was an incredible performance for its time, given the generally excellent aerodynamics. The coefficient Cx = 0.23 is excellent even for today’s conditions.

The concepts follow each other with the concepts, as Scaglione gradually changed and improved them. So, BAT 7 already had Cx = 0.19.

At Sotheby’s, they point out that this is less valuable than many 21st century supercars. But then the year was 1954 and Scalone and his bodybuilding masters created everything without testing a wind tunnel or using a computer.

BAT 9 is actually the culmination of the whole process of creating and searching for an ideal. However, Scaglione took this part of the triptych more civilized, he wanted to create a functional grand tourism. He trimmed his fins, cleaned his body of its distinctive aerodynamic elements, and wove a distinctive alpha triangular mask made of Juliet.

“Offering the Alfa Romeo BAT triptych together at auction is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These three really beautiful cars are one of the most famous and important pieces of car design ever made. In addition, they have never been offered for sale at once, so the offer of this triptych design may never be repeated. The importance of the offer of these cars can not be underestimated either in the automotive industry or in the world of art, sculpture and design “, says Rob Myers, Head of RM Sotheby’s.

“The Romeo BAT Alpha, designed and created in the early 1950s, demonstrates the great creative ingenuity that characterized post-war Italy and the European avant-garde of the 1950s,” said David Galperin, a modern art specialist at Sotheby’s.

The three concepts were never put together when they were current. The pieces first met in 1989 at the Beach Beauty Car Show under the supervision of Nuccio Bertone himself.

Shortly afterwards, the current owner bought the entire triptych. In the last thirty years, cars have only been seen in public on a few occasions.

Sotheby’s estimates that the famous trio of concepts will sell for 14 to 20 million dollars, which is almost half a billion crowns.

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