Thursday , November 26 2020

The office published the most popular names for children every year. He was surprised this year

The Czech Statistical Office always publishes a ranking of the popularity of children’s names on the occasion of the European Statistics Day, which falls on October 20. This year, however, at the end of October, no table appeared on the Office’s website.

And even now, a month after Honzik, Eliska and Tomazek’s parents traditionally learned that their children’s names are still one of the most popular, the rankings are still not available. The editorial office contacted CZSO to find out if we would see her at all this year.

CSSO spokesman Jan Zisler ruled out that the statistics could still complete the ranking this year. According to him, the office has a lot of work, partly due to the coronavirus epidemic, and thus failed to pay much attention to the names of children. “Do not count on it in the coming days. “The ranking could be almost done in January at the earliest.”

However, it also brings positive news. In the future, this statistic could be significantly better. So far, CSSO has only tracked data in January and compiled a ranking from them. In the following years, however, it could work with a different system, giving it more data.

And since this year’s name statistics will not be, let us recall at least the most popular baby names in previous years.


Last year, Eliska won for the women’s team, while Jakub was named after the boys. At the next level of the ladder, it looked like this.

2. Anna and Jan.

3. Adela and Tomasz

4. Teresa and Matthias

5. Sophie Adam

6. Victoria and Philip

7. Emma / Carolina and the Warrior

8. Emma / Carolina and Lukash

9. Natalie and Martin

10. Amali and Matthew


In 2018, the names Jakub and Eliska dominated again. The other positions did not change much either.

2. Anna and Jan.

3. Sophie Adam

4. Emma and Matthias

5. Teresa and Thomas

6. Carolina and the Warrior

7. Adela and Matthew

8. Victoria and Philip

9. Natalie and Andrzej

10. Christina and Dominic


In 2017, Elisha was also in the lead, but Ian won by the boy’s names. In other positions, mostly the same names that you could see in the previous rankings have been moved, only in a slightly different order.

Parents’ preferences obviously change only very slowly and it can be assumed that even in 2020, Ademi, Tomaska, Adelka, Anishka, Viktorka and Jakuba were crowded only in maternity hospitals. What we see is what 2021 brings.

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