Saturday , June 19 2021

The next 46 km of the highways will be completed. I build more than my predecessors, he says

The state will start 46 km of new highways and first-class roads next year, and construction works start 172 km. The Minister of Transport Dan Ťok (for YES) said at a press conference.

He is currently building 204 km and is expected to open 45.5 km this year. The Ministry of Transport has long been criticized that the construction of highways is slow, so it is trying to present to the public any change in the preparation and approval of new projects.

According to the plans of the Ministry, a total of 22.5 km of highways will be opened next year, namely D1 between Pšerov and Lipnik and D3 between Bosilk and Ševetin. Another part of the newly established routes will be the first I / 13, I / 15 and I / 16 roads in North Bohemia and I / 53 and I / 38 in South Moravia.

The ministry would like to start working on the sub-sections of the D3, D35, D46, D48 and D49 highways next year. The preparation of the construction of the new sections is, according to the "oke", at an advanced stage prior to issuing building permits. This year should build D3 Times-Ost and the roundabout of České Budějovice on D3.

The modernization of the highway D1, which is currently being built in two sections between Hupolets and Veterny Yenikov and between Mirosovice and Hvezonski, will continue. The next five years have to start working on five more. This would be the case for all remaining parts of D1 that have not yet been completed, which is about 70 kilometers. It should be completed in three years.

He also mentions the problems of the corrected part D1 between Humpolec and Wind Jeníkov, who is in the skating. "We have big problems, the deadlines are not fulfilled, of course, we will follow the agreement and we will implement the penalties, but we will strive for safe driving there, and the highway is built in the quality of what should be," he said.

The 1.75 billion crowns are made by an association composed of the Italian company Toto Kosteneri Generali and the Czech construction company Jessen Group. The consortium was previously Kazakhstani SP "Sine Midas Stroj", which, however, according to the minister, is no longer in the construction. It is the longest reconstructed part of the highway between Prague and Brno.

Repairs to D1 between Miroshovice and Kıvalka are gradually implemented by ŘSD since 2013. The modernization route was divided into 21 divisions, of which 13 were completed.

The Minister of Transport also criticized the criticism that new highways are being built slowly. According to him, on the other hand, he is building much more than ever before during his tenure. "When someone says they are not, and these are promises that are not fulfilled, I want to say that this is not true," he said.

The recently adopted amendment to the Law on Speeding up the Construction of the Transport Infrastructure should contribute to accelerating the transport structures. The administrative process should be accelerated before the construction begins. In addition, lawmakers are currently considering other changes to the law.

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