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The Czech Republic participates in the production of the highest class spacecraft by ESA technology for ten years

ESA, photo: Max Alexander, CC BY-SA 2.0ESA, photo: Max Alexander, CC BY-SA 2.0
Ten years ago, the Czech Republic became a member of the space agency
as 18th and first in Central and Eastern Europe. Now
over 40 Czech companies, 22 scientists involved in space projects
jobs and dozens of other subcontractors. Now he has his own
an international organization founded in 1975 by 22 Member States
and the Czech Republic has an important position in ESA.

"In the ESA group, we have a special membership method,
which is paid directly to the Managing Director. When countries invest
ESA has the right to recover money back to your country. This led to this
we have very good relations, and the Czech Republic is involved in many things
ESA activities such as Earth observation, but
above all, it participates in the future Ariane transport system
6, "
says the general director of the European Space Agency
Johann-Dietrich Wörner.

Galileo navigation system, photo: ESAGalileo navigation system, photo: ESA
Thanks to ESA, the Czech Republic participated in 300 projects and works
in the Czech Republic they have more value added from year to year. New
discoveries often interfere with everyday life, for example in the areas of transport, energy, smart cities and more.

"Space activities affect our lives today and will affect them
more and more in the future. It's not just about satellite navigation. Data
obtained by means of space technologies are used in agriculture, in the fight against drought, in forecasting natural disasters,
but also to such things that sound unlikely.
The asteroid can rush or fall out on us
in the sun, when they hit the ground, they can eliminate everything
electronic systems, "
says transport minister Dan Ťok.

The goal is not only to "assemble" Europe

Dan Ťok, photo: Filip Jandourek, Czech RadioDan Ťok, photo: Filip Jandourek, Czech Radio
One of the goals of this cooperation is to make the Czech Republic a country
creates high-tech and is at the forefront of technological development in space
region and was not only a "mantra" of Europe, says Dan Ťok.

"It is important for the Czech Republic that he belongs to the group he has
the opportunity to participate in financing as well as financing
your advantage. The point is that for the money that ESY Czech
The Republic invests, the Czech industry can win orders, experience,
contacts can develop further. The European Agency allows us
Being at the forefront of space development and research
actions. "

The Czech Republic's contribution to the ESA for 2018 is EUR 46 million,
which is about seven times higher than in 2009. Minister of Transport
says that the contribution should remain at least the same,
higher compared to the proposals for the next programming period
ESA for the years 2022 to 2025.

"The European Commission almost doubles its draft budget
contribution to ESA. This suggests to the Member States that this is the case
important activity, "
added Minister of Transport Dan Ťok.

The Czech Republic supports new projects and start-ups

Silvana Jirotková, photo: CzechInvest ArchiveSilvana Jirotková, photo: CzechInvest Archive
The key factor is the increase of competitiveness and innovativeness of enterprises
Czech companies. Therefore, the Czech Republic also expects cooperation
CzechInvest, ESA and other entities. One of the projects is
it concerns support for the start-up of an entrepreneurship incubator

"In 2015, we established a closer cooperation with ESA and we were there
we are invited to the ESA BIC project on business incubators. in
cooperation with the capital of Prague, the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry
industry and trade, and we have just launched ESA with ESA
Incubator of the European Space Agency in Prague, which already has a branch
in Brno, "
says Silvana Jirotková, general director of the Agency

Apart from several Czech projects in ESA, Minister Dan mentioned
Cooperation of the Czech Republic in the field of drives and engines.

"The Czech Republic has an industrial tradition of innovative people.
Cooperation in the Ariane 5 and 6 starts, as well as GE engines
can establish a tradition in the Czech Republic for the production of aircraft engines and engines used in space. "

The European Space Agency (ESA) is an international organization that
secures, develops and coordinates Europe's cosmic approach
technologies and applications. It supports the cooperation of 22 members
United States. They are devoting themselves to developing technologies, launching missiles,
pilots and experiments in microgravity, satellite navigation,
satellite telecommunications and Earth observation. ESA is developing a satellite
technologies and services, and supports European industry. Each member
the state has representation in the council and has one vote regardless
the amount of the membership fee.

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