Wednesday , November 13 2019
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The crowd in Chernosice lay in front of the train

"A previously unknown elderly woman was lying in front of a train traveling from Beroun to Prague. She sustained injuries incompatible with life when the train collided. We are investigating the case as a suicide, ”said police spokeswoman Mihela Novakova.

Traffic on the track had to be limited. Trains traveled only one track at a reduced speed. In both directions, there were significant delays in the relationship. The road between Prague's Radojin and Chernozice had to be closed. Traffic officers were redirected to Radoin because the railroad was impassable after the crash and the site could not be bypassed.

In another collision with a pedestrian train, rescuers from Trans Hospital PLUS intervened just hours earlier at Dobchicovice Train Station. There, the younger woman sustained a slight head injury while colliding with the train.

Police are investigating the circumstances of both events.

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