Monday , October 25 2021

The blockage in the Veleslavn slot will not drain. The Ministry of Culture has withdrawn its consent Home


Prague Advertising for a state representative in all real estate (ZSVM) abolished the Baroque noise in Veleslavn. The Ministry of Culture has revoked its consent, which is absolutely necessary by law. In the third quarter, he talked to ZSVM Radek Leatka.

Due to the fact that on December 1, the Treaty was signed by the Recipient and we would probably choose a new one in the near future. The blockade will be introduced on November 30 with a price of SEK 382 million. The death of the Dragons criticized the deputies in connection with the new coalition aggression and Prague 6.

According to the misfortune, ZSVM must remain so as not to hurt the value of its property, and therefore must use unnecessary income from the breakup of a rumor about an area that would be without a sucker. Therefore, he believes that in the meantime, it is necessary to make a transparent selection of women for rent. Talk to Leatka, he added, the object did not show the name of the institution. The main building now has private health care facilities.

According to the outgoing deputy of the new coalition, the object should be the main place where the bag would probably not be drastic due to a change in the judge's case, and the public institution would have little origin. Therefore, they decided to criticize ZSVM, as well as in Prague 6. The city council called the company to cancel or suspend the auction until it can fill in the documentation confirming the real estate in Prague.

I am aware of the constant pressure, and the fact that Prague was occupied by the state authorities helped the minister make that decision, said Prague's future councilman Jan Chabr (Prague / TOP 09). He added that he took steps to make this place a big city, preferably in the form of a free transfer. Instead, the city would build a multi-functional space for the society and the cultural area. ZSVM two reported that Prague does not meet the condition of free transfer due to the fact that it has other properties due to its murders.

The palace with a historic park, divided into such hectares, dates from 1725, when it was built according to the full furnace of Igien Dientzenhofer for the monastery Amli Brunvicki. The last reconstruction took place in 1986. ZSVM in 2015. He occupied the baroque area from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

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