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StarDance leaves Richard Genzer. I will miss you, he said after the liquidation of Kultura


The "international" evening was held in tons of rumba and a quick step. The music was chosen deliberately, danced on Chinese, Hungarian, Polish and Russian songs. Rumba, unfortunately, was fatal to Richard Genzer. "I do not want to be a visionary, but I will miss you," he told the moderator and actor after retiring, and only after the dance competition showed that Genzer was really funny.

The first ones were danced by a pair of Pavel Tomic and Marek Dědík, who danced rumba on a Polish song. The slowest Latin dance jury was rated with great enthusiasm because Tomic danced well above expectations. She is not only a great actress, but also an acrobat turned out to be a fantastic, gymnastic rope. Criticism of the rope failed: "Rumba is mainly a transformation of fast and slow movements, you were mostly slow" – commented their performance Tatiana Drexler.

Veronika Arichteva and Michał Necpál. 4th evening of the StarDance competition.
David Svoboda and Veronika Lálová. 4th evening of the StarDance competition.

Alice Stodulková and Dalibor Gondik, number two, cut off Katyusha's unusual fast step. Gondik also tried the elements of the hats (Cossack folk dance, red note). The jury of the dancing couple praised: "Today is such a dramatic evening, you filled it wonderfully" – said Radek Balaš. "Alice, you did very well," Vaclav Kuneš added.

Moderator Daniela Písařovicová and her partner danced to the Chinese rumba composition. In their choreography, the elements of action with relatives changed. Moderator Marek Eben appreciated the salmon dress of his friend. The jury liked their performance in the middle. "I will praise you both, I liked the song and how you managed to hide these imperfect steps, you start to be Latin" – commented on the performance of the presenter Tatiana Drexler.

Jiří Dvořák and Lenka Nora Návorková, as their predecessors, acted as rumba. This time on the Greek song, which also corresponded with the choreography. She did great. At the end of the dance Dvořák did not forget, according to his custom, he blinks at the audience. "You have me on my knees, it was great, the choreography was good, you looked like one body and one soul," Radek Balas said to the dance. "I agree with Radek, but the expression was dead," added his colleague Zdeněk Chlopčík. "It's a bit difficult for me to concentrate on so many things," Dvorak criticized. The jury's result was not bad.

David Svoboda and Veronika Lálová cut off another quick step. This time on a gypsy song. Fast step Freedom enjoyed freedom, it was a kind of sprint for his sporting soul. "Veroniko, perfectly chosen style and genre, and great work with space" – said Václav Kuneš. Finally, they "left" 36 points.

Richard Genzer and his partner danced a rummy to the Cuban song and danced in every place. There were passions, speed, but also slow transitions. "Well-chosen music and dance, it was like an explosion, I really liked it," said Tatiana Drexler. "Everyone is wrong, but it's okay, maybe too much excitement," said his colleague Zdeněk Chlopčík.

The last dance pair was Veronica Arichteva and Michal Necpál. They hit Rumba, the most difficult Latin American dance, as the dancer said. The couple chose the original Angolan song and chose well. The rhythm of Latin America simply works, emphasizing everything a couple will do with dancing. "A great song, I had goose bumps and Veronica, I forgave you all, it was your best dance" – said Zdeněk Chlopčík. "It was the best dance of today" – added colleague Radek Balas. The Jury also received the highest number of points.

Dalibor Gondik and Alice Stodulkova – quick
step – 28

David Svoboda and Veronika Lálová – a quick step –

Jiří Dvořák and Lenka Nora Návorková –
quick step – 36

Veronika Arichteva and Michał Necpál – rumba – 39

Daniela Pisařovicová and Michal Mládek – rumba
– 31

Richard Genzer and Jitka Zelenková – rumba – 33

Pavla Tomicová and Marek Dědík – rumba – 25

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