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SpaceX has begun building rocket launchers. See how they do it –

SpaceX is preparing its new space rocket, Starship. It has undergone significant changes since its first concepts and is now making its final prototypes. The company wants to get people into orbit as soon as possible. The latest aerial photos show how the construction of individual rockets continues.

The new version of Starship is made of stainless steel, so it stands out from the environment. SpaceX is building two models in its Florida backdrop, the third in Boka Chika, Texas. Photographer On Winkop has been able to capture the current progress of work in the first facility. Here you can see upcoming missiles, including rings, which are still waiting to be assembled.

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With the boat itself, Elon Musk has big plans. In two months, he wants to perform a "jump" test when the rocket flies at a height of about 20 kilometers. But in six months, he would like to get into orbit with the Mk3, which is based in Texas. The final Starship will drive six Raptor engines on its way and deliver up to 150 tonnes of material into space. Up to 50 tonnes, then, and the rocket, like other SpaceX devices, can be reused, significantly reducing flight costs.

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