Tuesday , January 26 2021

Samsung dv to phone sneakers free. On the tablet, then the cell phone in half

Samsung regularly has various events. I have total discounts per week and I gave him an offer. In the first case, he changed his tactics a bit, this time the cheaper phones are usually not available for an affordable price. In the latter case, then offer the original novelty bonus.

At regular discount promotions, with a new discount or refund, Samsung regularly offers some of the latest models in the Galaxy S20 series, and thus the models are now Galaxy A71, A51 and A41. This time none of these models at a discount.

The cheapest flexible display

In the case of luxury models, a discount is paid on the age of the GalaxyZ Flip smartphone, which is up to 11 percent cheaper until November 1, and we are also looking for it for 26 666 K. This is an interesting price for one of the small mobile phones on the market with flexible display. The price is thus compared to the Motorola Razr, which will sell for 26,990 kroner.

Both of these phones have successors in the market, so their price has dropped recently. In both cases, the successors have 5G support from other aspects as well. But above all, they are significantly more expensive, the Motorola comes to 39,990 K, Samsung to 42,990 K.

According to the event, two cheap models may be included in the event, which have not yet appeared at the Samsung events. Specifically, it is the Samsung Galaxy A31, which at a discount will come out at 5,790 K and will be cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy A20s with an acne price of 3,790 K.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite are regular choices, but they were not as cheap as they are now. The first will cost 11,990 K, the second is to make a thousand crowns cheaper. In both cases, there are variations of the top samungi this year. And for the stated price, these are, in our opinion, great offers.

The tablet mobile phone in half

The effect of the Tab S7 series tablets is somewhat contradictory. You are not in the discounts, also for the cheapest child 18,990 kroner and the price ends at 29,990 K. As a bonus, you can buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone for half, which means it will cost 11,500 kroner.

As part of the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has prepared an event for the new S20 FE model until November 8. It costs from 16,990 K and now you will receive a voucher for sneakers from Enk characters Vaski worth 2,790 K. This is a really non-traditional, fairly original bonus. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is offered in several pastel colors, in the same sneakers are also ready.

Huawei pidv drky

Discounts are also offered by Huawei, which currently offers, for example, a MatePad Pro tablet in a package with a pen and keyboard for 11,990 K. This is an attractive price and although this model does not support Google services, that is why the tablet is not so important, the necessary services can be consume quite comfortable in view. In other respects, it’s a great device.

The smartphoneMate Xs charger with a flexible display is also in operation. To do this, you get a change of tablet and so a GT2 Pro smartwatch. These are interesting dragons, but it must be added that the whole package costs 59,990 K, which really was not enough. There is one model with Google services in operation, it is the Huawei P30 Pro, which will cost 15,990 K, and as a bonus you will get a Watch GT watch.

Huawei last two plays for almost all your products. Get the Watch GT2 Pro watch with FreeBuds 3i headphones, the whole package will cost 7,990 K. Conversely, you will get the Watch GT watch with headphones FreeBuds 3. It is for 3,990 K.

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