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Prisoners work for the post office! The killers also sort out shipments, earning their debts

The whole procedure is complicated, but they say it pays off. The Czech mail driver, who carries bags with parcels, must first undergo a personal examination. The prisoners then carry the bags in the elevator. And in the lobby, each of them will be strictly controlled. "That's 160 bags a day," said Roman Knap, chief executive of Czech Post.

"The scanners are checking shipments of drugs, weapons and the like," Knap added. "We think that any offensive weapon cannot enter prisons," said Prison Service Director General Peter Dohanal.

Five million shipments from China come to the Czech Republic every month; their labels are largely illegal. "No sorting machine will read it to you, it must be done manually," Knap explained.

At the Ralskem Street Prison, the shipments are sorted by a group of about 20 people. Up to 33,000 shipments pass through their hands each day. The case involves prisoners who have committed serious offenses and cannot work outside prison, even murderers. "The interest is quite high," Dohanal said.

“I will make about 5.5 thousand a month. Something is going on in the pocketbook, but we pay the debts as well, "said inmate Thomas Machacek. "I have debts of crime that I repay. I have a long time and I don't want to talk about it. This time is going by very quickly," added another convicted Pavel Kobiljek.

Most of these prisoners never worked. The post office will employ them once they get to work. "We should be interested in continuing with us," Knapp agreed. "They have a much more significant chance of going to freedom," Donal added.

In the future, there may be a prisoner or pensioner at your door, but according to the Czech Post Director there is no danger. Following the prisons in Bulusice and Strnice, the post office also wants to carry plots to other prisons in the Czech Republic.

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