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President Zeman celebrated his 75th birthday. Now with the new Superb | At home

Lani (Cloudy) President Milo Zeman restored the fleet. Since the start of Saturday's Auto Code – on its 75th birthday – the updated Aunt's Top Generation has been the strongest version of gasoline. It is the eighth Supreme Code that Zeman received during his presidential training. In addition, the President received a new Kodak tester.

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It has long been thought that Czech presidents should drive Czech cars and this is a car driven on Czech territory with Czech length and Czech technology, he told the car ahead of the Linz change. He was given only by the board of directors of automobile company Bohdan Wojnar and the leading Czech company representative Lubo Vlek

Zeman drove in the super-generation of Aunt Generation, which the carmaker used. Between 2013 and 2015, cars produced a kind of generation. Since 2017 he has been using Kodiaq's testing ground for me. Koda Auto provided the cars to Police R, or the President's protection form, on the basis of a lease agreement. As a rule, first-level institutions are first-rate in the public for a year. It is a car for the rental of light, TC for codes told R Vcislav Pelz. The price of the car is about 1.3 million KP.

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President enjoy the convenience of the new

Black outstanding and codec are in the main version of Laurin & amp; The Clement Drive is a 2.0-liter petrol engine charger with 272 hp at Superb and 200 hp at Kodiaqu. The engine is complemented by an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. Exceptional interior is a completely classic version of the car, which usually only sells the presidential standards of the two front curbs. At the beginning of the security service it was equipped with a hidden light injection device, camera system and radio.

For example, the crew may use high-speed Internet connections while driving to provide an aggressive old adaptive chassis control (DCC) system that can adjust the throttle, brake and damping movements of the selected driving mode. In the modernized Superb, for the first time in the characters, full LED matrix lights are used. Standard equipment includes ventilated leather seats or a literally cockpit instead of the traditional dashboard accessories. According to three 9.2-inch display multimedia systems, two of them offer, among other things, a navigation function that can be controlled by gestures or voices.

Last year, Koda sold 138,100 cars in the flagship series Superior, produced in the yeast Quasini. This year introduced a modernized form of aunt generation and so on. These are the first hybrid characters.

Koda's models are historically closely linked to the domestic presidential series. In 1926, the first president of the Czech Republic Tom Garyig Masarik used the legendary Hispano-Suiza legend with the ambition of 100 cosmic powers.

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