Sunday , October 24 2021

Potatoes from Bohemia grow up to seven percent


Czech daughter of German giant Intersnack with the same name who sells brands in the Czech Republic The Bohemia, Chio and Pom-Bär salty snacks will increase by five to seven percent by next year.

"We will raise prices due to the increase in prices of primary raw materials and raw materials," said Pavel Šercl, CEO of Intersnack in the Czech Republic, who said that this year's lower potato yields are set to raise prices. labor price.

Bohemia Chips has double profits

Intersnack, which operates plants in Hradec Králové and Chroustnik in the Czech Republic, uses 80% of potatoes from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Another twenty percent comes from Hungary and Germany. Replace Czech potatoes with imports, but the company does not plan. "We are a Czech brand," Shercl explained.

The largest competitor of Intersnack is present on the Czech market with the American subsidiary PepsiCo with potatoes Lays or Cheetos. E15 asked for an opinion.

Potatoes grow, because of the drought they increased by one-fifth less

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