Monday , June 14 2021

POLITICS: Sarajevo and Palermo – Invisible dog

To understand an event that happened more than twenty years ago, you need to have a crossword. He just has to be a witness. On Friday, November 28, 1997, "Heroic" ODS members Jan Ruml and Ivan Pilip presented themselves to journalists. They read a pre-prepared statement calling on Václav Klaus to resign from the head of the ODS. And because Prime Minister Klaus worked in Sarajevo, he was called "murdering Sarajevo" and soon "Sarajevo" for this event. This led to the collapse of the government, early elections in 1998 and the seizure of power by the left.

It is not a coincidence that both gentlemen played an important role in the embarrassing and illegal TV program, when during the so-called television crisis, at the end of 2000, together with other politicians, they occupied the so-called Intelligence chambers to prevent repulsive editors and restore legitimate emissions.

It is surprising that in the case of these acts, namely the initiation of the overthrow of Václav Klaus's government and interference in the legal broadcasting of Czech Television, both heroes of the then President Vaclav Havel did not receive state prizes for pride.

Reporters Special investigations, Jiří Kubík and Sabina Slonková, "traced" these days and talked with Andrei Babiše ml. The man who allegedly for two years tried unsuccessfully to hear the police of the Czech Republic in connection with the Čapí nest. And so they began a massive anti-Bubbian campaign, which consumed practically the entire opposition. Her heroes who go after Babis as "chicken after ……" sensed the opportunity to overthrow the government. I just do not want to let go. They are simply cabrarians, those who are not in danger "The Enlighteners".

But you're definitely wondering what these two completely different cases have over twenty years in common. The essence of both cases is incomparable. In the first case it was "only" about some fictitious names of ODS sponsors, and Václav Klaus's allegations were purely intentional, in the second case it is a serious suspicion of fifty million frauds, and the current prime minister is even prosecuted. And any, even alleged illegality, should be investigated and prosecuted. So what is it about?

These are the methods of implementation and the schedule. In the case of Sarajevo, both protagonists used the absence of the party's chairman Václav Klaus for the internal coup. In the case of the "Hat" and "revision" of his son, Babis is also preparing his first trip to Palermo. That is why the title of the article. I do not mind Andrei Babiš to end the policy, but if he gives up, we can cancel the election, and Kubík and Slonková will install the government.

Both cases "Sarajevo" and "Palermo" have one thing in common. Both pairs, in the first case politicians Ruml and Pilip, in the second case reporters Kubík and Slonková, used their attacks when Václav Klaus, in the first case, and Andrej Babiš in the second case, were outside the Republic and could not be charged immediately personally.

Both of these cases show signs of conciliation. Such a typical "Czech trail".

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