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Plyas are dangerous for oncological children

Praha – (PR) Toy store Agátin World therefore collects sets and matching toys in the hospital department.
The oncology departments of children's hospitals spend hundreds of sick children for many months or even years. They can distract the toys for some time from disease-related illnesses, the hospital environment, and the disease itself. However, not all are suitable for seriously ill children. Forgetting, for example, are velvet people who can hold bacteria that are dangerous for sick children. Also, small pieces of puzzles that are not in order on the bed or toys with sharp edges are inadequate. But toys are never enough, they say that what they do with children, and hence the toy of the world, Agatin decided to welcome the charity project Joy of Children.

Make sure
as well as for the children's oncology department for play, kit and creative
sets that help sick children spend the time of hospitalization
most significant.
children will enjoy everything they will get out of the everyday hospital
gray. They enjoy every visit and gift. Pro
hematologically / oncologically ill children must be selected
very critical and consistent. Many toys concentrate
several times more bacteria for children in
treatment is a huge risk. These include, for example,
plush toys, but also books "

says Catherine Vich of Happy Children. "When
selection of games, collections and creative sets offered by Agatin
world, we tested all matches for every possible risk.
Because children spend a lot of treatment for the bed, they are for them
such as games and creative collections that can play themselves
or only in two, a puzzle with bigger pieces and all washed
games and collections. "

According to social
Katerina Dolezhalova's coordinators have large children in sick children
the success of board games for one or two, card and educational
games. "Girls
dress up dolls, they liked the various notebooks with
stickers, creative sets for girls, everyone wants to fold
lego. Suitable toys are never enough. We continuously modify it
a games room and a hostel, we give toys as gifts
birthday, Christmas, but also as a remedy for sadness
, "
adds Dolezhalova.

Two years ago, the world founded two sisters, one of them survived
serious illness in young people. "She went
I am a nurse at the hospital and I am most pleased when I am
with her playing the game on the bed "

Christina Crisis talks about the motivation of the toy store
the project is turned on and activated by the manufacturer of the toys themselves and their own
customers, do the same.

stay at the hospital is remembered by Lucy Strobuwa, who
doctors after 10 years discovered a malignant carcinoid liver
with metastases. "When
I started to heal, no
I'm a very small child, but I still have toys
played. At that time, the games on the computer were not as widespread,
as is the case today. I needed something a little sophisticated,
which I would have seized for a few days in a piece, and so would
a more complex game or kit will surely please you. I believe in that
Even today online games and various guests are on
separating children and parents what they would like to conquer the set "

says the former patient.
Now he is following a successful liver transplant and works in the organization
Together for the smile that helps the modern and the
former patients with oncology.
Similarly, Marketa Shejnohova, who was treated for 17 years
years with Hodgkin
syndrome. "R.cad
I created, painted on scarves, I made various ornaments
beads. I remember the little children, you still have
kit in hand. They are and will always be the best for the little ones
toy ",


Every year, in the Czech Republic, doctors say it is an oncologic diagnosis in about 400 children who are treated in 8 oncological and haematological centers in the Czech Republic.


The E-store and the Agatha World Store are linked in a chain that starts with players and builders and ends with customers and connects many partners. Since October this year, he has begun to motivate and mobilize the entire community. Besides donating games and games, he appeals to his suppliers and clients and offers them the opportunity to contribute. Partners and suppliers of Agatha World can support the project by delivering free services, and customers in the e-store or in stores go to the voucher of the selected value or contribute to the coffins it finds in the world stores of Agatin. For this money, the world of Agatin, together with the deputy of Joy, will choose other toys for sick children. The project will last until January 2019. Kit and other toys will be displayed in all 8 children's oncological and haematological departments. Children's psychologists and leisure educators take care of children's departments, in addition to doctors and nurses. They will be introduced to Agatha's World of Play, Kit and Creative Collections to play or play with their children, or explain their principles to their parents. At that time, Agatha contributed to the world and its partners and customers to 75 759 crowns.

Marketa Pudilova,

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