Friday , October 22 2021

Plebanec horse in Montreal. What will Vondrkov do with his children in Canada?


The end of Plekanc in Montreal, where the Canadiens club was priced at two and four million dollars a year (in the pocket of 51.4 million kronor), and he paid a million and a quarter (28.5 million kroner), as he predicted. the athlete was a hockey player for two years, his career lasted for the last few days and the club did not collect him.

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Therefore, her maneuver Lucie Vondrkov was prepared for this variant. She gave her steps to stay with her in Canada, even if the hockey player finished his career and had to return to the squad.

That is why Vondrkov does not have to go to escape, although Plekanec has left Montreal Mon in blinding days. Lucie would have a divorce in Canada to drink, while in the Czech Republic she only went to court with a nurse for her sons.

What's going to be? Castanets have several variants to choose from. I ask him about Toronto, where he was in the middle of the year when Vondrkov stayed with his children in Montreal. This is very unlikely. Go to another club in St. Peters if another club gets the same price as the Montreal fog. And it will not happen.

He wants to go to the local Kladno. Going to escape. Kladno is my home and the heart of darkness, he shouted in the list. At home I can get a quote from Comet Brno or from HC Sparta Praha. Each of this club after the Plekanc caliber.

Interestingly, Lucie Afov (31), which Plekanec described as her new girlfriend, and which is currently with "Strands on Vander" in the US, also announced the end of the season. So, speculating that the couple are in love together at home after finishing their sports wagons.

Lucie Vondrkov had nothing to do with her sons in Montreal, although Tom Plekanec betrayed her and wanted them to remain in the team. She objected that their children are used to Canada, that they are French and have them as their first language. They will return to my father. But this is now a scam. Navc Vondrkov will have to go to Canada to stay in the country where the first movie was made.

It will be wondering how long a divorce will be. In an escort they signed a pedonic agreement, but Lucie did not leave anything, and for the first time she filed for divorce in Canada, where escudo tenders were held.

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