Monday , January 18 2021

Pavel Travniчеek (70) in tears: QUIDE TAKES AN ACUBBED ONE

The prince of the mother-in-law from the fairy tale Three Nuts for Cinderella was brought to the hospital by the doctors with caviar pneumonia at the end of last week. “My mother lay at home for a week, thinking she had the flu, that it was nothing. “Today she was taken to Prostov Hospital with lesions and pneumonia,” Monica, 35, wrote last Thursday. Paul and his wife believed he would get out of it. But Tuesday morning brought the most painful news!

“Today the world has collapsed!” Travniшkovi expressed his feelings on Facebook and did not comment on her status for several hours. What hundreds of people who read Monica’s sentence confirmed to the newspaper Aha! The Grassman himself. “Monica’s mother has died. Oh yes! The legendary actor answered our direct question. As far as we know, at the time of the deadline for this issue, he was supposed to take his wife to Moravia with his family, where he is now dealing with all the most important and also the last farewell.

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She treated the sick

Monika Travnishkova’s mother worked in a sanitary institution, where she came in daily contact with the infected. “It is a very exhausting and stressful period for these people in health and social services and they are very impressed and I thank them very much for their help. “You deserve a reward,” Monica wrote while still in hospital.

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