Wednesday , June 23 2021

Paraguay's parliamentary commission on privatization heard Parubek, discusses relations with Bakal

The lower house for the privatization of the OCD mining company was heard by former Czech Social-Democrat Prime Minister Jiri Parubek, who was during the sale of minority actions by the Minister of Regional Development. Paroubek told the CTK and the Czech Television that he spoke especially about the connections that were created between financier Zdenek Bakala and some top politicians.

According to Parabek, Bakala had connections with OFA, TOP 09 and former public affairs and with former Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (CSSS), who at the time of the sale of the minority state action in OKD, finance minister. Sobotka, according to him, had connections with Bakal through Radka Podkhorni's lawyer. "There were simple links that at that time did not have the slightest idea," said Parubek.

Commission members also said the government decided to sell the minority stake Karbon Invest Viktor Kolachek and Petar Otava for CZK 4.1 billion. According to Parabek, the privatization was primarily a former cabinet of Vladimir Spidla (CSSD). Parubek, he noted, was only a couple of weeks during the ruling government and was questioned about possible wider competition. "At the time, I thought it was appropriate," he said.

For the same year, the majority owner of "Karbon Invest" became an investment group RPG Industries led by Bakal. Paroubek said he was regarded as "podbabu" that instead of Koláček and Ottawa he became an investment banker as a strategic partner. But he also recalled that he later met Bakal as prime minister, and he and trade unionists were thrown into the mines. "There I enjoyed it, so I had no reason to doubt that the minority stake was privatized in the right hands, which, of course, was different, of course," Paroubek said.

Tens of thousands of mining flats

From the current point of view, he thinks that sales are carefully prepared for marketing, so the price is as low as possible. He also highlighted the views that were not the most important, but the maintenance of the social environment in the Ostrava region. "Unfortunately, even the unionists were forced to make the government privatize the strategic partner, and then a strategic partner was an investment banker whose natural nature was to sell things to pieces," Paroubek said.

Now, according to Parabek, tens of thousands of mining apartments are important when Bakala, according to Parubek, did not fulfill the public obligation and offered them to buy tenants for a favorable price for them. The privatization deal, which he submitted to the Sobotka government in 2004 as finance minister, was not a model of perfection by Paroubek, who, however, learned from legal contradictions for some time in 2009.

Two years ago, OK was in insolvency. The actions of the successor company were later taken over by the state-owned company "Priscilla". The apartments were not part of the OKQ. London-based Round Hill Capital, a global residential homeowner, emerged as a new homeowner.

Selling minority interest is also the subject of court proceedings. The prosecutor argues that his price was at least 9.8 billion kronor, and a loss of over 5.7 billion kronor was on sale. The court has unjustly condemned all suspects, that is, experts and former employees of the National Property Fund. The applicant appealed.

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