Tuesday , June 22 2021

Over half of people do not follow their health status, not Health questionnaire

PRAGUE 55 percent of the population can not see their health and more than a third of people, of whom about half are not in the foreseeable future. It is the result of a lifestyle survey of people from an insurance company in business between a 25-year-old starchy responder. More or less about him and 11 percent with regular alcohol. Denn sport percentage of people.

In total, 27 percent of people buy healthy food, 48 percent of people do not limit their chocolate and a tenth of a day's sweets. The composition of food is monitored by young respondents, not by people aged 65. Diet values ​​have risen far more than average.

The most well-known dietary supplements are vitamins and minerals. At least one season is occupied by 79 percent of the respondent, or 18 percent daily or tm / day.

Even on the move and training, the results of the survey were not optimistic. For 26 percent, people said they were acting minimally. Denn only practices these percentages of people, several times 21 percent. In this respect, they are against the diet they consume.

m people are stars, and what's more, have fun with them, even if they need a lot more. Between them is 43 percent and 40 percent between them. Peace in motion is about it and 17 percent en. There is something about small obesity between stiff seats. The fact that the bag is clearly influenced by other factors, except diet and free movement in the open, is especially vk.

The study showed that Tina's people do not have enough sp. Practically caduceic problems with about nine percent of people. Only 28 percent of people are on this day, but there are more. On working days, people have 6.8 hours, 7.7 hours.

For 82 percent of people regularly subjected to stress and under psychological pressure, 17 percent of people are each for a few days or a few times tdn. With 31 percent of people, the minimum applies to the rest. Only 30 percent of people go to meat, to wellness and to the sauna.

People are aware that a healthy diet (88 percent of people) and active movement (74 percent of people) is a healthy lifestyle, but in practice it is far from being good. It is important for responders leading a healthy lifestyle to have enough sleep and a state of mind (tenth).

People aged 35 and 54 are less satisfied with their lifestyle. Ducats are best met. Issues related to food and health will not be left to 17% of respondents. In 53 percent, people are looking for information about a healthy lifestyle on the Internet, 28 percent of television and radio, 23 percent of information about family and business, 18 percent of people. For ten out of ten at the age of 25 and, more importantly, he was locked up for life. The task was confiscated in a bag of only 48 percent.

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