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Microsoft for the first time released a new Windows, dual-purpose laptop and tablet

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Potae Surface introduced Microsoft seven years ago. Nor now introduce new products for the first jerks and the company that will miss them. Last year the company launched two Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 laptops, plus a comprehensive Surface Studio display and some surprising headphones.

Sporn Pro X

This year, Microsoft prepared interesting news, but it showed two. It is the first notebook of this manufacturer running Windows 10 and ARM processor. The Microsoft bag is not the first person with such a sawmill (we might try one of Samsung's in lt for example).

The new feature has been added to the upgraded X-Series Surface PRO series. First, this 13-inch pin features both ARM and Surface Slim Pen architecture, which can be hidden in a key case where you can recharge your batteries. The IP is built on Snapdragon Qualcomm and bears the SQ1 designation. It also includes an artificial intelligence unit. However, the user will have to opt for a special version of Windows for this processor platform.

The company boasts a 28801920 pixel display with a contrast ratio of 1400: 1. USB-C port, LTE connection. It is 5.3 mm thin and less than 800 grams.

For Xse will send od5. November from $ 999 (approx. 23,500 CPC).

The 12-inch Surface Pro with a magnetic sleeve with keyboard was glued. It is available in seven generations and for the first time contains a USB-C connector. Microsoft wants $ 749 (about 17.5 thousand kronor) for today with 22 yesterday.

Laptop with AMD

The new processor also comes in the Surface Laptop series. This will first be equipped with an AMD x86 processor, specifically the 7th edition of the Special Edition Surface Edition. Offer bag and variant of Intel chip.

The Surface Laptop comes in 13.5- and 15-inch versions, the men being fitted with Intel des generators and then changing it.

In addition, the new boasts a new clay for, and so 20% tm touchpad no predecessor. The USB-C connector is turned on for the first time. It's practical modular design that can easily replace the hard drive by snapping the keyboard. The microphone assembly has been improved to better sense the human voice and suppress surrounding noise.

The Surface Laptop 3 arrived June 22 for $ 999 (about 23.5K) for the 13-inch box and $ 1,199 for the 15-inch version.

New Windows and dual display devices

But these are just innovations. The main innovation at Microsoft's conference center was a pair of dual-display devices that will be released in five years. One is called the Surface Neo and one is called the Surface Duo. For the first time, Microsoft created a new version of Windows 10, labeled X. It has been modified to take advantage of two displays in different variants. When a second display can be used as a guide to different menus or a fully equipped second display.

The first change to the device is basically a handheld notebook consisting of two nine-inch displays. Looking at it, we can't forget about Microsoft's listrope, called Kurir.

Both displays can work in several modes, either simply as a sub-display showing menus and controlled applications, or as a touch keyboard.

An interesting feature of this mini laptop and Windows 10 X is the real look, depending on where the physical magnetic keyboard that when mounted on the Surface Neo covers about half of one of the two screens. The Surface Pen can also be removed for control.

Price updates, not znma. But it should appear in about a year. Now they could come up with it to modify their applications and programs, the company would say it should be simple, and the new system should help as much as possible. Unmodified programs and applications for classic Windows 10, as well as for 10 X or more, without changes, because the user is used to it.

The dual-display device is known as the Duo, and is basically a new version of the Nea with a 5.6-inch display. The only difference is that the device will use the Android operating system and will not have a magnetic hardware key of the proper size.

Each Dua display can display one application separately or can be combined. In fact, after more than two years, the company is returning to the field of mobile phones, but with a competitive operating system. The question is whether the dual-clutch device might be interested in the time when flexible mobile phones come without a display.

Headphones u

Let's not forget, after the company's entry into the field of classic headphones, Microsoft has now introduced in-ear headphones.

His name is surface buds. However, Microsoft promises to be more powerful, so easy to control some applications without having to pick up the phone. This allows the user to control Spotify, navigate through the PowerPoint presentation, dictate or rewrite someone else, or force automatic translation into dozens of languages.

The headphones, of course, are distanced from the surrounding noise and skill. They will be available for sale for $ 249 (approximately $ 5,800).

Taking a look at the latest news, we can only say that it's sad that Microsoft will officially have this hardware soon. The seller must deliver and service it individually.

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