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Mehanovich in Kazakhstan suffered the harsh heat. He only rained once, he says

There's another season, a few months in exotics. Bosnian midfielder Mirzad Mehanovic, who hosts Zlin in the team of Ordabasi Shimkent, helped the Kazakh team in the Premiership relay for fourth place and advance in the first round of the European League.

Bosnian midfielder Mirzad Mehanovic of Zlin hosts Ordabashi Shimkent in Kazakhstan.Photo: archive Mirzada Mehanovic

The twenty-five-year-old Srebrenica, who has a contract in Fastav until 2020, has played thirteen matches in one of the most diverse countries in the world and scored a single goal. However, the exotic mission is positively assessed. "I appreciate the super engagement. Meanwhile, it meets the purpose of why I came here," Mehanovic says.

While his former team-mates from Zlin have several more rounds in the autumn, a Bosnian footballer enjoys his holidays. The Kazakhstan league, which is played through the spring-autumn system, is over. "I see the main difference in organizing the whole competition and infrastructure. Even in Kazakhstan there are interesting players, but how many times they will not allow them to combine to make a technical look. But you get used to it and it's all right," says she.

Mehanovic, despite the fierce temperament, put himself in a new position. To get used to a different mentality, conditions and, most importantly, the way of the game. "There is a different role here than in Zlín: I am more on the balloon and I am not so much at the age of 16. On the contrary, I have the task to put the balloons on the sides of the wings and knobs, which must still continue to appear," explains the Bosnian peninsula.

Although the creative Bosnian has never been one of the renowned archers, one goal is limited. "I had to admit that I was first looking for it," he said. "It was not easy to switch to the season when the team was twenty-five laps." "In addition, time did not help much and the change of time was four to five hours," he says.

After arriving in remote Kazakhstan he had to get used to unpleasant heat. He could not sleep at night, he still woke up. When it got in the morning, the thermometer appeared up to twenty-four degrees! "It only rained in the first three months, it just dropped below the thirties," he says.

Otherwise, the conditions in Central Asia were cruel for Jihoevropan. "It was really amazing for two months. And my teammates said with a smile that I regret that there are fifty degrees from May to July," the Bosnian head shakes.

Although considered a stranger in the Czech Republic, the Babylonian foreign players were even bigger in the Ordabashi cabin. He had no communication problem. "All players, including the coach, speak perfectly Russian. Our language is similar, so the Balkans can understand without any problems," Mehanovic said.

Even in the city, he did not want everything in Kazakhstan. "If I'm not home to Bosnia, life in another country is the same for me everywhere," he says. "I play football, it's my job, and I know that I have to adapt as quickly as possible so that I can work normally," he adds.

Neither he had any problems in Zlín. However, he did not eat with the new coach of Fabregle Bilek, so he preferred to host.
Not only Mekhonovic knows he will not work. "I can not say I'm sorry". I just take it as it is. I know it was the best solution for both Zlín and me, "he said.

He does not think to return to a club where he has a contract until 2020. But the renewed cooperation does not hinder it. "It is possible to return once. It does not matter only to me," she says well.

However, the Moravian club continues to watch the shoemaker. In regular contact with Zoran Gajic or with the Frenchman Boguel, he sometimes writes with Jazz. "I know what's going on," he smiles.

Mehanovich did not miss the double Jablonka, where he worked previously, with Kazakhstan Astana. "I wrote with Jovovic and Jankovic, and I believed that Jablonec would make four points in two matches, but it's a shame that he failed, but he did not deserve the revenge in the open," said the 25-year-old footballer.

The difference between Astana and the rest of the Kazakh League is striking. "It can not be compared," says Mehanoj. "He has all the best domestic players and many good foreigners. Almost halfway through the match, he gets so many points that he will only concentrate on the European League or the Champions League in autumn," he continues.

And how would Zlin fight with Ordabas? "It's hard to compare, but in any case it would be interesting. Maybe someone will organize a preparatory match for measuring forces," Mehanovic adds with a smile.

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