Wednesday , November 25 2020

Jitka ванvanчаarova became the WINNER of the Face!

Seventh series of shows Your face has a famous voice over. The winner was Jitka ванvanчаarova, who last captivated the jury like Susan Boyle!

Čvančarová has managed incredible changes in the series this year. She introduced herself to the audience and the jury, for example, as Adele or Madonna. She also portrayed Susan Boyle, and as you can see, she did not have simple singers as models.

Jitka ванvanчаarova as Adele (1:05)
| source: YouTube

The match was not easy this year either. For example, Erika Starkova as Shakira or the singer Bara Basikova stood against her. In the end, however, the jury liked the actress the most.

Because she managed everything in the first place, she took home a winning check for 150,000 kroner, which she sent to two foundations.

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