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Jirka was happy until the last moment –

The widow of the famous director Olga Menzelova (42) surprised everyone when, shortly after the death of Jiri Menzel, for the first time she publicly confessed that she had a third child. She managed to completely suppress both pregnancy and childbirth. Each of Olga’s three children has a different father, but according to her, the non-traditional family worked almost perfectly.

22. 11. 2020 9.44 | Author Elishka Reiglova

Olga Menzelova and Jiri Menzel experienced various problems in the relationship, but the biggest one was that the famous director did not want to have children. “I expected it to break, which did not happen, so we agreed that our lives would be divided. “But when reality came, I waited for Aniska and started living with her father, so it was more complicated for Jirka than she thought,” she told My Psychology magazine.

“Everything turned upside down. But all this time we could rely on ourselves at any time and that is the most important thing in the partnership. “Jirka was my support even when I was living with Aniska’s father in Vieherad, and when I sighed that I was missing a pot, he bought it for me and brought it.” explained the widow.

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But, according to Olga, the support was not one-sided. “Thanks to Anishka, we had to overcome difficult things. “But we never argued about it, we always managed to negotiate, even with Aniska’s father, who now takes care of Evicka as well.” she added.

Children come first

The non-traditional family also functioned because the interests of the adults were delayed because of the children. “We were surprised that we put the interests of children above those of adults. Jirka loved Anishka just as much as Evishka and he loves Yarda, Anishka’s father, and the two girls no matter what. “Evishka never felt that he would separate them in any way.” said Olga.

Jiri is said to have always told his wife that he loved her and would be happy if she was happy. “We had a beautiful, free relationship and that freedom lay in absolute mutual trust. Never any scenes. Maybe it would not be so if Jirka was as old as I was, maybe certain attitudes need to be reached over time and age. Jirka saw the big difference in age and said: “Just know that you are free and that I am not preventing you from doing anything. Only if the girls have you around. “And I assured him we would never leave him.”


Although Olga and Girisi had different ideas about life, in the end they never decided to go their own way. “Despite the different vicissitudes in our relationship, we never broke up, and although we did not live together in the end, because when you are forty years younger and have a partner forty years older, the demands for personal peace are certainly different, we have always been very close, “ said the widow.

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According to Menzelova, Jiri was happy to have a happy ending. “Jirka was happy until the last moment. I kept trying to ask him if he liked the world and he always said yes. “That is why he did not stop fighting, he was not betrayed, he tried for Anishka and Evishka, he just wanted to be here with us.” added Menzelova.


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