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It has never been revealed! Czech Miss Lea Šteflíčková releases the world championship in world competition

November 18, 2018 at 18:28

Lea himself never had such a bold model. "You can not see it anymore, it's a little more exposed, but it will be great on Miss Universe," Lea told us about the costume Nikol Švantner (25) designed for himself.

"When I saw him, I wanted to cry terribly, it's amazing, I'm not talking about my dress, it's the same" – smiles Leah, for whom the two main evening dresses were designed by Sandra Mark.

Lea solves the skin, hair, collects clothes before flying. He does more exercise, but he does not maintain his diet. "I'm going to train, but I want it, I do not even plan a diet, I'm sorry for the room I have, I'm happy," he smiles.

Sculptures and changes were not planned. "I do not have anything artificial, I have only long hair, I do not have breasts, I do not have botox, I'm not saying that I can change something, and when I'm older and children will be, I may go.

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