Tuesday , October 26 2021

Inhabitants of Slovakia are elected by mayors, mayors and representatives


Voting began at 7:00, but one of the villages in the north of the country took advantage of the opportunity to open the polling place an hour earlier. The National Electoral Commission stated that according to the information available at the beginning of the vote there were no problems. There are over 4.4 million people entitled to vote, with the exception of Slovak nationals and foreigners with permanent residence in Slovakia. In 2014, local elections amounted to 48.3 percent.

Four years ago most of the city seats were won by independent candidates and political parties of the Social Democratic Forces (SDS), which is the strongest party of the three-party coalition of Prime Minister Piotr Pellegrini. In recent years Direction-SD has struggled with the decline in popularity, and its president, Robert Fico, resigned at the beginning of the year as prime minister to solve the political crisis after the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his partner.

In most major cities, right-hand parties joined today's elections. This cooperation has already been tried in the last regional elections, after which it pushed Směr-SD from the management of several regions.

Traditionally, the biggest attention in the local elections in Slovakia is attracted by the duel of candidates in the largest cities. In Bratislava, according to previous surveys, four candidates, including architect Matúš Vallo, former head of television Markíza and radio and television of Slovakia Václav Mika, acting mayor Ivo Nesrovnal and mayor of one of the municipal districts Ján Mrváv, belong to the mayor.

In the local elections in Slovakia, as in the case of the 2016 parliamentary elections, the publication of the results of the survey shall be prohibited two weeks before the vote and on the day of the elections.

In contrast to the Czech Republic, mayors and mayors are elected directly in Slovakia. The candidate who obtains the most votes will be the candidate in the election in one vote. Most of the elections also concern the election of deputies of city and city councils.

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