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Hagg after his next show: I was in p * deli and couldn't breathe. Now I'm going to America

Michal Camaret, CTC

Haven't you had any black thoughts at 0: 3 at the start of the second period?

There was no panic. Our three rows played well, only ours (with Sigismund and Stach) didn't. I felt bad.


I had the flu. Look, I was fucked in the first period and couldn't breathe. My teammates knew that. I didn't help the boys much. Did not succeed. But I believed that in time I would get into it.

Cigar launches a wonderful twist in Claude, Pilsen Gulach sets the record for Wick

You got into that too. First you scored a goal for Stacho and then you reduced the power play to 2: 3 … Did you feel that the game was falling apart in your favor?

It starts from our line. If we do not play well, it will affect others. In the first third our line was almost not in the Pilsen defensive zone, we lost our mini match.

Jaromor Cigar is still in Extraliga even at 47 years old.

Slavomir Kubesh, CTC

This is not the first time you have to turn a score into a season. It almost seems that in order to wake up, you have to let the opponent go in the lead …

Not so I don't know where the problem is. It works so far, so it's cool.

You have reached the fourth game in a row, you have six goals in seven matches and two assists …

If I could help the team more, we played more in the Pilsen group. In the end we scored goals and in the third period I wanted to play our line at Guli.

Jaromor Cigar in the match against Pardubice

Joseph Wostirek, CTC

Why did you want your formation to climb Gulas. You and David Stach aren't too many defenders?

But there is no defense at all! People need to understand that defense does not prevent our zone. Just having a stick on a stick is a great defense because your opponent is gone.

In the end you defended the elite Pilsen formation, only thanks to Gulash's modified penalties. The Pilsen captain scored for the ninth time in a row and equalized Victor Wyk's record in the regular part of the independent Czech Republic …

It turned out right. Guli continued the series and we won. Everyone is happy. (laughs again).

Claudio striker Jaromir Jagr during a game with Pilsen., Joseph Polacek

Do you really appreciate the fact that you have finally defeated the mighty Pilsen?

Pilsen is a great team and will win many matches. Getting back to the game at 0: 3 is a great sign. Of course you don't want to lose 0: 3, but that's the reality.

Does this show the strength of a team he didn't trust before the season?

Already after the match against Liberec (Claudio beat him in the finish of 7th round 5: 3) I said that it is not about self-confidence, but for you to believe which way we are going. Not in wrestling, but in practice. Wrestling is such a spice, such a dessert. So I always set it up. When you practice, you will enjoy the game. I feel like we already have these habits.

Jaromor Cigar at the Knights training at Clado.

Are you happy to prove to others how wrong they were when you fit into a clear aspirant?

It is not what others think of you, but what you think of yourself.

Could Pilsen's overthrow be a great psychological reinforcement for the knights?

You still have to be careful. Defeat we beat Liberec and then we start playing lukewarm with Pardubice. They played well, but we didn't continue as we should. It is ideal, because we could play a point there. But Pardubice deserved to win. I thought they were missing us, but then I saw the video of the match and I had to admit that they lost us. That was our approach.

The Hague was there, but Cloud fell. The Gingerbreads celebrate their second win of the season

You made it home for the fourth time in a row, and you came up empty only in the second round against Hradec Králové. Do you feel that Claudio's narrow ice is not easy to play?

Already before the season I signaled that no one would come here with pleasure. But it is up to us. We're used to a small playground, playing style that should work. Our advantage is, but at the same time disadvantageous to the opponent's courses. We have ice 26 meters wide, some skates have 28 meters, which is no difference. But when you play thirty in Pardubice? That's a big difference.

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How about David Stach, who scored three goals in the last two rounds?

You know, he should go to volunteer training with me, that's number one. So he realized that he needed to train. And you can see that it helps. (laughs)

The next match will be held in Clado next week. Do you admit that you will at least completely recover from the flu?

I can't be here anyway, because of the green card I have to fly to America. I had to work all week and couldn't train much. I don't know how long I'll be back, but we didn't play the same time.

Wounded Jaromor Jaggar watched the opening of the wicket only on Clado's bench.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

Will you be back for Sunday's match at Young Boleslav?


Don't have a training deficit?

I have no choice. There are situations that you have to deal with. If I were hurt, I wouldn't have played either.

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