Monday , January 18 2021

Goth’s new will? See you one year, I will pay her rent!

The man waiting for Dominica at the airport is Petr Vesel, who in the past was also associated with Iveta Bartoshova (✝48). Dominica hugged him and Vesel even knelt in front of her with a puppy – a gesture that is not seen so often. According to Blesk, you are with the oldest Goth they had been writing to their daughter for some time and he probably wanted to fight for her or make her stay in the Czech Republic. “Dominica and I know each other. We have been writing and seeing each other for a year. I went to work with her. She should live in Prague. She promised her father and the promise should be fulfilled. If she wants, I will help her. I will pay her rent. “I would not get along well in Helsinki,” Petr Wessel told the website. Dominica eventually left the airport in another car.

Although she only returned to the Czech Republic to do things necessary for a peaceful life in Finland, the circumstances have developed quite differently so far. Before returning to Prague, Gotova did not board the plane because she was about to commit suicide. After all, she commented on it herself. “I am very sorry for everyone. I was at the bottom, drinking a bottle of alcohol and I wanted to end it! I’m good. “In the Czech Republic, I am unhappy, and even in Finland, during my stay, I had the feeling that nothing agrees with Tim …”, Sadova told Blesk.

End of surgery! The fans are in shock. And what does Dominica Gott’s social apartment look like?

So now it seems that she is still not able to have peace in any country. Compared to the Czech Republic, it has the advantage in Finland that the local authorities have provided her and Tim with a 79 m2 social apartment. That may help Goth’s new beginnings.

Dominica tried to commit suicide! And Rezkova revealed the execution of Bravec after 17 years

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