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Freedom is without money, the fight against trade unions. Mon buyers of Ostrava huti this popr

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ArcelorMittal, the company Ostrava, together with other companies, is fully sold on the Italian market in Ilv to meet the requirements of the European Commission and not miss the big thorns.

According to colleagues from Syndex, the situation is that Liberty House will not be able to buy uranium businesses for sale. According to him, there is not enough money for such a transaction, writes Dana Sakaov, a specialist in international business in OS KOVO, in a letter from ArcelorMittal Ostrava.

The claim of the Syndex successor is also affected by the sale of the Ostrava steel mill.

This information was also submitted to the Secretariat of the EU (industriAll Europe European Federation representing employees in the processing, mining and energy sectors). and the European Commission. This fact (if confirmed) means that Liberty House could not meet the European Commission's job conditions for the sale of ArcelorMittal's predecessor, so sales could be avoided by the commission, according to the letter of the OS KOVO.

Sakaa says the problem is that the trade union affair is confirmed from all sides, and that is a matter of information, due to the fact that Britain does not make new investments, such as Liberty House, said Sakaev.

Companies Managers: We are overtaking businesses

But with the company's deputies, disagreement. These claims are not true. In the last few years, we invested a lot of money, we surpassed the companies and opened the business again. For example, in the UK, we recently completed the first phase of the main modernization of Newport Wolves in Wales, this year again we commissioned a large arc furnace and controversy in Rotherham, said Josef Holk, a Liberal House Medal.

Sanyev Gupta, the owner of the company, said in an interview with MF DNES in his office in Ostrava that there will be problems with the shifts. Buying resources are excellent, otherwise we will not be able to keep the company, he said.

He fell asleep that capital on the market outside the box would be reduced due to lack of money. If we were not allowed to finance, ArcelorMittal and the European Commission would not agree to the agreement. Finann's sources are only from banks or our own, Gupta said.

According to the ArcelorMittal Ostrava alliance, these injuries are also harmful to Syndex.

Gupt's unfulfilled promises are more. In Romania, according to a new announcement recently published in 2007, promising major investments in the creation of the new metallurgical plant, the promise was not left, said Alexander Sobolov, head of the Ostrava Board.

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