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Patients are found in 12 out of 14 regions, only the Karlovy Vary Region and Visoina are without order.

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During the first 69 days of this year, Spikkals were infected by people in the Czech Republic, not one year. Lkai registers 231 p.p. for 10, last year for 203 years. SpitinformacHealth condition.

The incenators are very sick diseases, which can be a complication. Professionals combine sweat sweat with a rewarding window. the case was so boring from abroad, there are thousands of patients in Ukraine.

While in the Czech Republic about 10 new cases fell in January, there were 30 in the Norwegian and 50 on the first regular day.

There are 12 out of 14 regions, with only the Karlovy Vary Region and Visoina. In Prague, where the measles epidemic was ejected last year, there were 84 cases. In the last ten days their number has increased in the regions Pardubice, Moravsko-Silesian and Plovdiv.

Most patients are aged 35 and 44, 67 years. This age group according to the age of the expert in childhood, because she received only one day of vaccination, while young age. Immunity develops after prolonged illness. Patients were aged 25 and 34 and 45 and 59 years old. So fell 27 dt from one year to years. Another 16 patients dt were young.

Eye caps are bound to all children, in which the health condition allows, in the 13th and 18th month and again for five and six years. But Nkte is born or consumed, and their children are not allowed to put them in a bow. Inventories can not be free in the population if they are at least 95 percent dt to t years. In 2007, the window had about 98 percent dt to t years. Since 2013, Kadoron has fallen. 84 percent of boys and twins slipped. Who sold the measles against the lifespan of immunity to the disease.

Sweetened with drops and is very lean. Incubation of measles, that is, from infected to the first symptoms, is seven and 21 days. In 1b, it is obligatory to be hospitalized for contagious division and isolation seven days after the discovery of the rash.

Smallpox are fever, kael, RMA, rhinitis and redness of the conjunctiva. In the high and mucous membranes of the TV, they may complain with redness. Four and five days, the head and clothing, neck, stomach and cone appear red and purple wave.

Because of the epidemic, the Minister of Health opened the hospital hospital and recommended it to other medical institutions. Nkaza appeared in emergency rent at Motol Hospital, and the restaurant in Poslaneck was closed due to employees.

Measles in regions:

The data for 2019 are fast until 10 am.

Data source: SZU – here and here.

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