Tuesday , September 21 2021

Dismantling again tomorrow. School PES at level 3 bring change. OVERVIEW

As of Monday, there is another major loosening in the Czech Republic. The school PES system will follow the usual PES system and move to the third grade. As a result, kindergartens and some universities will open after kindergartens and primary schools.

You will now be able to study full time students in high schools, conservatories and higher vocational schools. But the hours will change after a week. Therefore, each class will study full-time for one week and distance learning the next. The exception is students from recent years, who returned to school on November 19. They will still be allowed to study in person each week.

At universities, they can return to full-time study from Monday first graders. For other students, the rules do not change.

Another release would be in a grade two game, when other university students could return to normal study.

The Ministry of Education has already described in detail how the graduation and admission will take place next year. Watch the report on TV Nova:

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