Thursday , January 21 2021

Dead actress Krutova (47 pounds): She fell off a horse, they have been together for a year!

“In my spare time, I devoted myself almost every day to my Ukrainian stallion Vihr, and later to the grasshopper Dunelje Vielkopolska, with whom I had many wonderful moments,” the website reads. She even managed to ride a naughty horse on the Imperial Island of Troy. But after taming him, there was a moment that changed her life.

“Over time, he seemed to respect me. So, I made a mistake that should not be made by a driver. After training, I took my legs off the vortices, looked at my watch, and began to wonder what else I would do that day. “Boom, buck – and the whole year was different,” according to Blesk, Krutova described the horrific experience.

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