Saturday , October 23 2021

Continuity with money, which was rejected by Judge Elischer. There is no printing on them, he warned – ČT24 – Czech television


For Ivan Elisher, the police came in the spring. From then on, man was sent to prison for the most serious drug cases in the Czech Republic, without bandits. "I was surprised, but it was because I woke up in the morning, I was in a very unworthy position," he recalled the circumstances of his arrest. The police have not said anything yet. "I have not talked yet, because I do not trust either the police or the prosecutor's office," he said.

The police say the judge took bribes. He says that in his pocket was the 3.1 million he got from drug dealers. Elischer gave the sentences, the police say they were relatively mild because of a bribe.

He knew that he knew the alleged mediator Nguyen Hung, said Judge Elischer. "I know this man from the past and I think we are friendly," he said. He did not want to talk about what it was like with alleged bribes. "I can not comment on that yet," he said. But earlier, CT reported that "the money coming from the alleged crime has never been found and you can not, because I never took any money."

According to investigators, Nguyen Hung went to Ivan Elischer directly to his office in the Supreme Court. They also secure about a quarter of a million crowns there. On the contrary, the judge did not find much money at home or on the bills. But, as Elischer pointed out, the money found in the office was not unequivocal: "There was no fingerprint or fingerprint on any banknote that would point to a single person."

In addition to the money, the police have a wiretap. However, Ivan Elischer wants to get out of her hand. He appealed to the Constitutional Tribunal, among other things, claiming that the police had been in the office for some time without the court's permission.

In the complaint, Elischer also states that the detectives have intercepted the secret voting protocols in his courtroom on his computer. "The constitutional complaint is undoubtedly a violation of the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution," concludes the judge Lucie Kýčková.

The prosecutor's office or the police do not want to talk about Elisher's complaints. "At this stage, the prosecutor's office can not provide more detailed information on individual acts," Aleš Cimbala, spokesman said.

Judge Elischer, according to detectives, abused the official's authority by taking a bribe, kidnapping and unauthorized access to the computer system. If he was blamed for his trial, he faces up to twelve years in prison.

Ivan Elischer, however, hopes for a completely different result – that he will not be able to prove that he is on the opposite side of the courtroom. "I can imagine it," assured the accused judge.

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