Thursday , November 26 2020

Babic wants to negotiate with the Senate to adjust the tax package

This week the proposal of the pirate deputy Mikulas Ferjencik, according to which the basic tax deduction for the taxpayer will be increased from 24 840 CZ to the average gross salary for the previous year, was approved by the deputies of ODS, Pirates, SPD, CSD, People’s Party and TOP 09 .

According to the Pirates, it was only an alternative to Babic’s proposal to abolish the super-gross salary and income tax of 15 per cent, which was approved mainly thanks to the DA, ODS and SPD, while the government’s CSSD was against it.

He took to Twitter over the weekend, saying it was up to Babic and Schiller to hear from him about the Senate tax package. Babic said on Sunday that he had answered the call. “We will act, we will convince the Senate and especially the ODS,” he said. Together with TOP 09, ODS has the strongest club in the upper chamber, which has 27 senators.

According to Wistrhill, the tax package will not be “laid on roses” in the Senate. Senator Club STAN, the second-strongest with 24 members, wrote on Facebook on Sunday that it considered the approval of the package an irresponsible step: “The YES movement together with the support of the SPD and ODS leads the country to a deficit of almost 500 billion kroner next year.” . The club is annoyed by the revenue constraints of municipalities and regions. In the Senate, he wants to do everything against “eating the future.”

The CSSD government is also ready to negotiate with all senatorial clubs. “I am delighted to have presented our concept for abolishing super-gross wages and increasing taxpayer discounts without devastating effects on state, regional and municipal budgets,” CSD leader Jan Hamazek said on Twitter. According to him, the decision of YES, ODS and SPD should be corrected.

According to Babic, the pirate proposal deepens the budget deficit by 35 billion and “is not a test of social need”, but income tax cuts will help employees, sole traders and companies. On the contrary, the CSSD coalition, which failed to implement the 19 per cent rate, claims that Babic’s proposal mainly helps high-income people and disrupts public finances in the Czech Republic. The grandmother refused. “Do not say we have broken finances. “We have the best finances in Europe, public budgets even better,” he said.

The Prime Minister also rejected the accusations of the regions, which will lose revenues due to lack of budget. According to him, the cabinet is ready for a serious debate with the governors, which will refer to specific figures, not politics. The previous and current governments have significantly increased the revenues of the regions and municipalities, Babic added.

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