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Andrew Babi's Mucosa: How I Learned About Karel Gott's Death

and the people. Clearly I have today. m a muslim. I guess we'll remember where we were and what we were up to when we first heard of Karel Gott's death. I was just coming back from an evil tree in esm ri. That day, his songs were played, I listened to them until I came back. Momodn Pose. One morning. My favorite is Lady Carnival and my heart is not extinguished, which she sang with Charlotte.

Even though I knew the master was in bad shape, I didn't say so quickly. We had to meet around spring. My close friend Frantic, whom you are immensely, we organized a private birthday party for Karel Gott, we were invited to Stanovice in the Karlovy Vary region, but unfortunately I was on holiday with my family in Mole. We agreed that we would go to a party after returning, but to Mr Gott's health it was none.

When I first found out about his dead, I contacted Ivana Goth and asked how many families are helping me organize the funeral. It was clear that people's reaction would be overwhelming. The government sat and conditionally approved state funerals in case the family agreed. We had to act fast. Organizing the funeral of one of history's most celebrated echoes will not be easy for the first time. Ms Ivana Gotov chose a funeral with honors and gave her official release.

Karel Gott in specific

Karel Gott in the special issue

Karel Gott was a unique, unique person. Good, always positive, pleasant, good-natured. I took it too much. His art was able to connect people regardless of age, social status, emotion, political opinion. We have known each other for about ten years and have many friends, all beautiful people.

On Fridays from 8:00 to 22:00 we will be able to say goodbye to Tomb on the Island of Fame. At 11:00 am on Saturday we will be invited to invitations to the Cathedral of Saints Witzlaw and Wojciech and will bid farewell to Faradmansk. I think only at that moment will we fully realize, each of us, and especially the older generation, that Mr Karel Gott was the bite of our lives.

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