Sunday , October 24 2021

Xiaomi will be recruiting for Mi in Mexico; reveal the location by accident


Today it was confirmed that Xiaomi he will open his first My Store in our countrysecond in Latin America, so we decided to dig a little and found that this Chinese manufacturer is already recruiting employees to integrate his store in Mexico City.

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According to the announcements published on LinkedIn and Google Jobs via the Indeed network, Xiaomi Technology International is looking for specific positions in our country, especially in the area of ​​Mexico City. Among the professions there are, among others, an advertising designer, a salesman and a sales manager.

Classified ads reveal the possible location of my store

But the most interesting part of our search is that we found an official announcement in OCC Mundial, which would reveal the possible location of the Mi store in Toreo Parque. According to the digital classification on behalf of Soluciones Integrales en Administracion G & D SA de CV, the position is advertised to the position of "Cashier", and the place of employment would be a commercial place on the border with Mexico City with Edomex,

It should be noted that Xiaomi did not officially announce where his future store is located, nor did he confirm these versions.

According to other reports already circulating on the Internet, the new official Xiaomi plant in Mexico is to open its doors for the second week of December.

It is expected that the Xiaomi Mi store in Mexico will solve the problem of delivery of medium and high-quality Chinese home models in our country, in addition to other brand ecosystem devices, such as vacuum cleaners and air conditioners, although this information assures you that your famous electric scooter will not reach. No TVs.

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