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Witness who turned to Uribe reveals how he negotiated his statement against Zepeda

Semana Magazine presents a version of a witness who said he was negotiating with two lawyers, one of them the controversial Diego Javier Kadena Ramarez, a false statement to placate Senator Ivan Shepeda for allegedly manipulating witnesses.

In that regard, the weekly has repeatedly wondered how and in what terms it would be agreed to reinforce a conciliatory statement between him and lawyers Diego Kadena and Samuel Arturo Sanchez Khan, another expat defender.

"Because 'little sisters for charity' were giving money," Velez said of the nearly 40 million pesos she said she received through third parties, and Uribe Velez's lawyers said it was humanitarian aid.

“The bills I showed them to the Court. Lawyers say it was humanitarian but not true; Now they are charity lawyers. They wanted to get me to sign a paper saying it was a charity. I told them: I'm not going to sign it. You are not a fool, I was a thief, "the witness added in the video revealing Semenana.

In fact, Velez confirmed to the magazine that there were another 60 million pesos left on the road to be handed over by lawyer Rodolfo Eheveri, the man who allegedly sent the parcels and that the Supreme Court of Justice had proved that.

Although Commander Victor's testimony is legally burdensome, there is some doubt that it extends the defense of former President Flvaro Uribe, as revealed by some audio intercepts by prosecutors' analysts, which were unveiled by Radio W 3 weeks ago.


"They can say whatever they want, they are lawyers, but they are lying. What revenge, what extortion; If so, extortion, look at the period given to request a extortion, "Carlos Enrique Velez told Semana.

The witness also said he would be prepared to undergo a polygraph test to deny he was a liar.

"This was tried, but it quickly became like a white marsh with so many publishers and so much fucking," the witness added to the weekly.

Velez's statements have defended Olvaro Uribe, who works in prisons in Colombia and the United States seeking versions in favor of the former president who is being investigated for alleged bribery and procedural fraud crimes.

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