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¿Where are you going to play football for no reason?

The president of Acolfutpro, Carlos González Puche, announces that the southerners will record the final decision, as well as the directives of the clubs that are pressing and desponding.

Here's what the Colombian Association of Football Professionals (Acolfutpro) have to say about one of the three leaders of the Colombian football: Eduardo Mendez (Santa Fe), Enrique Camacho (Millonarios) and Gabriel Camargo (Tolima). There is no hubo of cruelty and cruelty to the southerners in deciding to carry out a series of activities.

The president of Acolfutpro, Carlos González Puche, is the leader in the futuristic recordings of the consensus of the paro. There are no clubs available for any of the clubs in Dimayor. Anteriorly, these acupunctures denote the algunos of club clubs being "pressures, despotic amenas, vetoers for contravention of sanctions and disciplinary sanctions and economics".

Those that are affiliated with the Football Federation are manifesting in a comunicado that "directly directs the authorization of the Minister of Trabajo to the assistance of laboratories, to discredit the labor laws adopted by the associations and to negotiate and negotiate with them." futbolistas that lleven a cabo el cese de actividades ”.

This is the plethora of petitions of the Acadutro South Acupuncture

1. Negotiate the calendar of professional competencies, recurring periods, and recuperations.

2. Concert of the FCF in the south.

3. Concert in the FCF disciplinary discipline.

4. Concertar minutes of the FCF's track record.

5. Mejorar el torneo professional de soccer femenino.

6.Polizas complementarias de salud.

7. Horarios, intervals and time intervals between parties.

8. Partial annulment of Colombia's selection of men in favor of ACOLFUTPRO

9. Participation in broadcasting

10. ACOLFUTPRO annul reuniones con los (a) futbolistas de las selecions Colombia feminine y masculina en el concentration concentrate

11. Concertation of the number of entrants to all parts of the local and selected localities in Colombia

12. Adoption of the protocol content of the anti-discrimination policies, laboratories and general violations.


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¿Where are you going to play football for no reason?




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