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WhatsApp | Three new things you can do now on the platform Technology and science Social networks

Did you know that you can now send a message to write an answer? Or what can prioritize your contacts and assign a special notification to your boss? Last months, Facebook, owner WhatsApp gave priority to the development of the popular platform of instant messengers. We show three functions that you may not know yet.

1. WhatsApp stickers

Users can use the popular stickers in the application. Function present in chat rooms Messenger. History with Instagram or chats Telegram, is enabled for both devices Android ace iOS.

To use them, you must have version 2.18.101 WhatsApp, Click the option to send emoticons (smiley icon). Then in the text panel inside the chat in the bottom part will appear a new option of stickers with a sticker icon next to icons corresponding to emoticons and gifs.

By clicking on the option, you will find predefined stickers. If you want to access other projects, you can search in the text panel for the + button that will take you to download the sticker packets.

2. Listen to the sound before sending it

Another new feature is that you can record voice memos and manage them with certain movements. Yes For example, you want to record without restrictions, so you do not have to constantly press the microphone button, start recording the sound and move it slightly up without releasing it. A padlock icon will appear and you will see that you can record without pressing. To send, just press the send button.

If you definitely regret what you say or record background sounds that can not be avoided, you can discard the audio before sending by dragging the recording while holding it down towards the left. There you will see the garbage icon and you can try again.

Finally, there is a simple trick to listen to the sound without removing it and without sending it immediatelyTo achieve this, you must press the microphone to send the message and block the recording of messages by moving up, Then leave the conversation by pressing the button to return to all conversations. Go to the conversation again and you will find the button to be played, the second to be deleted and the second to send the sound after listening.

3. Manage your contacts

Users can also customize, prioritize and review the activities they have in the app to see, for example, which contacts they speak with more. For example, you can specify how many photos or audio messages have been shared in a conversation or group chat.

To access this function, go to "Settings", "Data and memory" and select an option "Use for storage", There you will find a list sorted by the amount of data exchanged. By choosing one, you can see how many messages, photos or documents have been listed.

In this menu, you can also customize how each call's activity will be notified in the "personalized notifications" option. Where you can change tone, light and vibration.

Other news

WhatsApp notifies if the message is automatically forwarded. You can also reply to a specific message by moving to the left. The entered text will return this message and appear as a response.

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