Monday , January 18 2021

Welfare inside and out

If the transition to covid-19 teaches us one thing, that is the importance of to take care of us and our loved ones and friends. Well-being inside and out is a precious treasure that we must reclaim, so it is always a good idea to treat yourself.

Korean cosmetics MiiN: secrets of Korean skin

On Korean cosmetics One of the most representative companies of these facial care and make-up products on the Spanish market is the Korean cosmetics MiiN, with stores in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Valencia, and a large online platform that distributes throughout the Spanish geography.

They have more than 400 products from Korean brands such as Skybottle, Urang, Barr, G9Skin or Mizon, all selected according to the quality of their products and the brand philosophy they share. In addition, they offer personalized advice and design of complete beauty routines according to the skin type or needs of each person. This multi-brand company was the first to share “kbytes”, South Korea’s beauty secrets. Its products differ from Western cosmetics due to their natural ingredients and minimalism. For this reason, and thanks to their affordable price, they are most common in skin care routines. They contain the book Korean Art in Skin Care, with all the secrets of skin care.

Matcha and CO: Natural tea-based nutritional cosmetics

On tea matcha It is one of the most valued products for its properties. It is a green tea powder that is drunk as an infusion, although nowadays it is common in food supplements because of its antioxidant power.

Aware of this, the Spanish start-up Matcha & Co wants to go further by changing the way tea is consumed into infusions, turning infused teas into tea powder to increase the absorption of its nutrients and reduce the risk of consuming microplastics, which can be found in tea bags. Since its inception in 2018, they have promoted the benefits of matcha tea for a healthy lifestyle, also revolutionizing the care and well-being routine with its nutritional products based on this type of tea.

It stands out among its latest releases his return to the classics: traditional water-soluble powdered teas. They are the most sought after varieties of tea in Spain: English breakfast, jasmine tea, Rooibos tea and Earl Gray tea, all with important benefits for our well-being.

TuNaturitas: Personalized supplement

Although we are all the same, our bodies have very different needs. That’s why TUNaturitas offers personalized accessories based on natural ingredients. They are based on nutritional substances that supplement our diet and provide vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients and plants, all necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

The first step that TUNaturitas proposes to know our needs is test online which can be supplemented with a blood test. With the test result, they offer a formula tailored to our lifestyle, needs and goals. They have a psychoneuroimmunology expert who prepares a personalized supplement to be taken in one capsule a day.

Additionally, the products of this signature natural supplement arise from Naturitas, one of the most famous brands in terms of organic food, they do not include gluten or lactose and have a special discount for the first order.

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