Sunday , May 9 2021

The VAT-free day progresses normally in Bukaramanga and the surrounding area

Colombia’s Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Jose Manuel Restrepo, visited several shopping malls in Bucaramanga and the metropolitan area to see if the city complied with biosafety protocols for the third and final 2020 VAT Day.

The mayor of Bucaramanga, Juan Carlos Cardens, and the mayor of Florida, Miguel Moreno, accompany the minister on his visit. During the day they will be in Alcosto, La Quinta and El Casique.

During the first hours of the day without VAT, there is a good influx of public in the shopping malls, but the number of customers is expected to increase in the afternoon.

In the capital of Santander, in accordance with the measures implemented by the Cabinet of the mayor, socialized with the administrators of the main shopping centers of the city, 24-hour trade will be allowed.

“In order to guarantee the normal development of the day on November 21, 2020 and to avoid crowds, the operation of the companies is allowed 24 hours, from 0:00 on Saturday, November 21 to 23:59 on the same Saturday.” explained Angel Galvis, Strategic Projects Advisor to the Mayor of Bukaramanga.

Please note that this measure is exclusive to companies, does not include other activities such as bars, restaurants, shops or soda fountains.

During the day, face-to-face sales of electrical appliances, computers and communications equipment are disrupted in all commercial buildings that are considered large areas. Only these devices can be sold through virtual or non-face channels.

On this day you can buy more than 74 categories, from the categories: household appliances, toys and games, sports items, school supplies, clothes, clothing accessories and agricultural entrances, which will not have value added tax.

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